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Anyone been to Cheddar Gorge caves with a pushchair, or stayed in the YHA there?

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Pendulum Fri 15-Aug-08 20:35:31

We are first time YHA-ers but it looks very nice. Just wondering whether it will be possible to access the caves with a 1 year old baby in a stroller.

Any views on this, or on the hostel, gratefully received!

fedupandisolated Fri 15-Aug-08 20:37:09

Not sure how many YHAs there are but some Aussie friends of ours stayed in a YHA at Chedder....and it was awful apparently. Might not be the same place though.

morningpaper Fri 15-Aug-08 20:40:54

You'll need the baby in a sling, there are a lot of steps in the caves

Pendulum Fri 15-Aug-08 22:17:39

yikes, this is the info I needed.

fedup, can you recall why they said it was so awful? Don't want to pick the wrong one and put us off them for good.

morningpaper thanks for the tip.

fedupandisolated Sat 16-Aug-08 09:10:19

I think it was that the beds were dirty and the people staffing were really unhelpful. I was embarrassed tbh as it was their first trip to the UK and one of the first places they stayed - not a good first impression.

moondog Sat 16-Aug-08 09:30:31

I've always fancied Cheddar Gorge. Is it interesting/

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