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Bed and Breakfast in or near Southport, Lancs

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squix Mon 11-Aug-08 20:06:25

Can any one recomend a good, family friendly bed and breakfast or small hotel in or around Southport? Thank You

PinkBunny Wed 13-Aug-08 19:23:13

Don't know if it'll suit you, but we always use the Premier Travel Inn on Marine Drive. It's not family run, obviously, but we've always found it to be clean, comfortable, friendly and reasonably priced. It's near the pier, by the beach and has although it has its own Harvester restaurant attached, there are lots of other restaurants in the immediate area. Best of all, they have a small two-storey play area, which my dcs love. Just the thought of it keeps them happy on the long journey up. We've tried B&B's in the area before, but have found them to be of variable quality, plus they don't seem overly keen on small, spirited people grin. In fact, we're off there next week, to see relatives and take in the Southport Flower Show.

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