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Can you clever MN'ers help me??

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FAQ Mon 11-Aug-08 13:10:28

I need to travel from Wellingborough Northamptonshire, up to Easington, Cleveland (TS13)

want to leave any time from 6/7pm on Friday and be back here by the same sort of time on the Saturday - (this coming weekend!). I only intend to be in Easington 1/2hr - 1hr so a quick turn around is fine.

Cheap would be good, but not too fussy, and don't mind spending most of that 24hrs travelling............

I've been searching to no avail, keep going round in circles, and websites keep crashing on me.

FAQ Mon 11-Aug-08 13:10:56

oh - and as I'll be travelling alone don't mind having to change quite a lot either.

CarGirl Mon 11-Aug-08 13:19:46

Why on earth do you need to go to Easington - there's nothing there!!!!!!!

Have you looked at getting to the nearest large towns Durham/Darlington/Middlesborough/Stockton on Tees/Hartlepool/Billingham by coach/train first and then an add on to Easington

FAQ Mon 11-Aug-08 13:26:28

my parents are there.....and I need to get the boys birth certificates off them (long story - basically they had them for setting up trust funds, tried to send them back to me special delivery, I missed the deliveries, didn't manage to pick them up, had a huge row this morning with them and basically if I want them back I have to go and collect them)......

H has the DS's from Friday late afternoon until Saturday early evening, so I intend to go and collect them, making my visit as brief as is possible......I'd rather sit somewhere for 2hrs waiting for a connection than have to spend time with them right now

CarGirl Mon 11-Aug-08 13:32:56

Can we find anyone near them to go and collect them for you? Would it not be cheaper to get copies I believe you get them done by post? Have you looked into it?

Were you from there originally? I grew up in Eaglescliffe next to Yarm.

CarGirl Mon 11-Aug-08 13:37:17

£25 up to 15 day despatch service
£40 up to 5 day despatch service

FAQ Mon 11-Aug-08 13:42:52

I posted a thread earlier, someone did reply but they don't drive so couldn't help me.

I'm sure they've said for me to go and collect them as they think it's impossible for me to do, and they just want to make me grovel for them to resend them........I intend to turn up, get the certificates and leave - may well cost me money, may well be a waste of 24hrs of child free time but quite frankly I don't care right now.

FAQ Mon 11-Aug-08 13:43:56

oh and as for Easington - no I@m not from there, but I was born in Saltburn, lived in Carlin How until I was 5/6, then moved to Stockton until I was 8 or 9 - then we moved down south to Bedford.

CarGirl Mon 11-Aug-08 13:49:43

well it may well be cheaper to pay for the postal service and then you can let them know that you don't need them anymore anyway. I think if you turn up it may just perpetute the row anyway.

Believe me it will be very expensive by public transport!

FAQ Mon 11-Aug-08 13:51:13

tbh I don't think it could get much worse than it is right now between us......

bubblerock Mon 11-Aug-08 14:00:32

On the Trainline website you can go from Wellingborough to Hartlepool (get bus from there to Easington) Leave 21.55 Friday night and arrive at 9.35 am (yikes! 4 changes aswell) then come back on Saturday at 12.54 - arrive in Wellingborough at 17.36 (2 changes)

If you can leave Wellingborough earlier you can catch the 16.21 train and get into Hartlepool at 20.59

Tickets cost around £94 - haven't tried breaking it down yet (can be cheaper)

FAQ Mon 11-Aug-08 14:02:14

bubble - that sounds great - how did you find that? I tried the Trainline website and came up with nothing!

eandh Mon 11-Aug-08 14:04:27

Best I could get was wellingborough to Billingham Cleveland and either stupid long journeys (leaving 7.12pm friday but not getting into cleveland till early hours so assuming you'd be stuck somewhere) or the 7.16am train saturday monring getting you into cleveland at 11.50am but £48 and wouldnt give you enough time to get home again

CarGirl Mon 11-Aug-08 14:06:12

If you don't need them within the next 3 weeks getting new ones by post is cheaper - in fact where were they born, can't you go back to the registry office and get new ones it's very inexpensive that way.

I think it is crazy to go and collect them just to prove a point you are playing into their hands instead of taking a step back and seeing what is the easiest way to obtain what you need.

Sorry if that upsets you.

FabioFridgeFluffFrenzy Mon 11-Aug-08 14:06:34

Might it be cheaper to get new certificates?

FabioFridgeFluffFrenzy Mon 11-Aug-08 14:07:00

And by 'new' I mean 'replacement' blush

CarGirl Mon 11-Aug-08 14:09:00

that's what I'm saying......if you back in person to where they were registered it's very cheap I believe - just the copy of the certificates to pay for.

FAQ Mon 11-Aug-08 14:10:07

I'd have to go to 2 different registry offices to get them - as DS1 was registered in Bedford.

I don't just want to prove a point, I want to be able to finish saying what I was trying to say to them earlier without them having the option of putting the phone down on me. Also I know if I don't arrange to pick them up from them they will keep using it to get to me - the fact that they have the certificates and I "couldn't be bothered" to go and get them when they sent them or arrange to pick them up myself from them.

and by post £25 each makes £75 - not much less than going to collect them in person.

CarGirl Mon 11-Aug-08 14:27:58

Will they actually be there to let you pick them up, are you sure they won't have to go out ie. play power games?

FAQ Mon 11-Aug-08 14:28:43

no my mum rarely goes out - if my dad is out it would be at a craft fair - and I've checked his website so I know he doesn't have one this weekend.

missblythe Mon 11-Aug-08 14:32:43

Have you tried using this site to plan the route? I just tried to do it for you, but got confused as there are so many Easingtons (you'll know which one you need!)

CarGirl Mon 11-Aug-08 14:35:49

I just think it would be more dignified to pay to get other copies, it's cheaper, would save you a lot of precious time. You could just write to them and ask them to bin them as you are going to get replacements at your expense rather than trouble them.

It would still make the point.

You seem very angry with them, you know they will be there, you want to finish a conversation with them that they didn't - it does come across that you are spoiling for a row with them on their doorstep.

It doesn't seem about you needing their certificates.

missblythe Mon 11-Aug-08 14:36:04

Do you drive FAQ? it would probably be cheaper, and WAY easier, to hire a car.

bubblerock Mon 11-Aug-08 14:36:43

This one costs £75.60

Outward journey: Saturday 16 August 2008
DERBY 02:05 06:39
DARLINGTON 08:52 09:00
THORNABY 09:19 09:37

Return journey: Saturday 16 August 2008
THORNABY 13:38 14:05
YORK 14:54 15:27
CHESTERFIELD 16:34 16:40
LEICESTER 17:28 17:35

FAQ Mon 11-Aug-08 14:50:42

actually I do need their certificates - I should have shown DS2's to the school that he's starting in september before the end of term, and I need DS3's to put his name down at the nursery.

I'm sorry but there's no way I'm going to sit here and let my parents call me a liar, then put the phone down on me and just let is pass. This has been building for nearly 5 months now - and I've kept my mouth shut about it (the certificates is just recently - but other stuff before) to avoid confrontation, but I've had enough. I need to say what I need to say to them, if they didn't want a confrontation on their doorstep they shouldn't have told me in the middle of huge row (and confimed later by text) that if I wanted the certificates I would have to come and get them.

I've bitten my lip to keep the peace long enough, and it's starting to affect me. I couldn't say anything to them last time they popped in (which was a waste of my afternoon tbh) as I don't want the DS's to hear/see it. And after the emails last night, and our conversation on the phone this morning I need not only to get the certificates back from them, but to sort this out face to face.

missblythe - no I don't drive otherwise I would just hire a car and drive up.

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