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Random Question - Are there any Creek's

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Dynamicnanny Sun 10-Aug-08 16:19:09

Are there any Creeks in England? My friend has got it in her head she wants to go swimming in a creek with a rope swing hmm and wondered if anyone knew of any? hmm grin

Bronze Sun 10-Aug-08 16:21:59

Yes creek is just another word for stream

MegBusset Sun 10-Aug-08 16:53:21

If you Google 'wild swimming' you should get some links of suggested places to swim outdoors. I found this article which has a link to the top 50 outdoor places to swim.

plantsitter Sun 10-Aug-08 17:01:38

The only one I know of is Deptford Creek but you would have to be clinically insane to consider swimming in it, rope swing or no rope swing!

Dynamicnanny Sun 10-Aug-08 17:14:37

Thank you! She is a strage soul - I think she wanted one with a waterfall too hmm or one like the road to terabythia

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