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Bowness On Windemere..tell me more

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R2G Wed 06-Aug-08 00:32:24


We are going on holiday here next week with a 2 and half year old. Not much money but do have a car.

What can you tell me/ recommend...
Walks we can do/routes

and anthing else. I know the obvious boat across the lake that's it.

Skramble Wed 06-Aug-08 00:40:40

Wolrd of beatrix Potter

Skramble Wed 06-Aug-08 00:44:24

Lakeside aquarium

You can take the steam train

WriggleJiggle Wed 06-Aug-08 00:46:56

Brockhole visitor center - fantastic adventure playground (perhaps a little too old for yours?), lovely grounds down to the lake, and free (I think).

Lovely walk - to the cave below loughrigg near Ambleside

Hodge Close Quarry - Free parking (I think) and then lots of nice walks

Bath buns from The Apple Pie shop in Ambleside

Skramble Wed 06-Aug-08 00:47:50


Anteater Wed 06-Aug-08 00:49:11

Brockhole info centre, free and your child will love the playpark and rolling down the banks outside. Take a pscklunch.
go to the aquarium on the otherside of Windermere , not in as $$$ but just watch the steam train come on, again free and junior will enjoy.
every eving when weather is settled 2 hot airballoons take off on west side of lake, good show for a child..

Skramble Wed 06-Aug-08 00:51:07

Have to pay for parking at Brockhole, so handy to have change as visitor centre up the hill.

Skramble Wed 06-Aug-08 00:52:04

Well basicly you have to pay for parking everywhere grin so always have change.

Anteater Wed 06-Aug-08 01:07:49

going to dinner party this Friday with chap who owns loads of Cumbrian car parks.. And therefore also the meters!! Should I take small change also!

vesela Wed 06-Aug-08 13:00:04

There's a nice grass beach that you can get to from Wray Castle car park on the other side of the lake. Then you can walk through the wood along the edge of the lake to the boathouse and there are more places to play by the lake.

(this is where I spent my holidays as a little girl...)

R2G Fri 08-Aug-08 10:42:53

Thanks everyone this is ace. Off tomorrow so anymore last ideas please send on!

branflake81 Fri 08-Aug-08 11:07:45

We live not far from Bowness and on nice days go to Fellfoot Park which is out towards Newby Bridge. It's national trust, you can hire boats, there's a teashop, kids play area, lots of grass to run around's probably 20/30 mins drive from Bowness.

R2G Fri 08-Aug-08 19:43:24

Thanks Branflake and everyone. Does anyone know of a water park?

rookiemater Fri 08-Aug-08 21:49:34

Oh make sure you eat at our favourite restaurant La Ticina. Its swiss italian ( basically italian) its not too dear and you can bring along children, provided they aren't too noisy, which counted us out when we went in the evening when DS was 15mths

mablemurple Fri 08-Aug-08 21:54:17

I think the Lake District is a water park grin.

R2G Sat 09-Aug-08 01:06:23

Mmmm yes thanks for that Mablemurple blush
Thinking of things to do when it is raining as it invariably does. My mum and dad have a holiday home here and we have been going for years but never with a child IYSWIM so know nothing of family stuff.
Gone are the days when we would sit in the pub all day while it rained!

branflake81 Sat 09-Aug-08 08:08:44

You could go to Lakes Lesiure in Kendal. It's not a water park but is a nice enough pool. There's also a pool at Troutbeck Bridge (which is closer).

R2G Wed 20-Aug-08 01:25:28


back from hols. Rainy but lovely. One extra place to add to this for anyone else looking is Grizedale forest which was fantastic.

branflake81 Tue 26-Aug-08 16:15:33

Hi R2G, glad to hear you enjoyed it. Yes, Grizedale forest is lovely. What else did you get up to?

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