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Haven Holidays - can anyone recommend a 'nice' site, or tell me if I'm expecting too much??

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josben Thu 31-Jul-08 21:11:58

We are going to mablethorpe's Haven in september, and i'm umming and ahhing whether to change the site as we have just come back from the Haven site at Great Yarmouth which was fairly tatty.

It actually was a fantastic holiday - but that was mainly due to the miraclulously sunny and hot weather that we got everyday!! grin

The GY site was littered with dog ends, the swimming pool was packed and a bit tired looking and the nappy bins were overflowing, the showers were boiling! (Although the splashzone and park were fantastic for our kids.)

My main disappointment was our caravan - we went for the 'superior +' one which is one rating away from the highest rating one - the 'Prestigue' and i found this to be a bit grotty...

It was described as an 8 berth caravan but for me there was only just enough space for the 5 of us - although we struggled to fit round the table together at one time to have meals! Plus the caravan carpets and sofa was quite grubby, and the caravan smelt of stale smoke...

This was our first Haven holiday and so I don't know if thats typical of all the accomodation, sites etc...? or am I being moany cow! grin

themoon66 Thu 31-Jul-08 21:14:48

I live in Lincolnshire and I can tell you that the Mablethorpe area is a dump. Not sure if the Haven site is, well, a haven. Never been. But the Lincolnshire coast doesn't have much going for it (apart from a tiny place called Anderby Creek)

isaidno Thu 31-Jul-08 21:17:06

dog ends - a result of banning smoking inside - they are everywhere wherever you go.

size of caravan - caravans are never spacious especially if at full capacity. Should have been clean but you cannot expect it to be pristine when at least 30 families a year stay in it. It would also be unfortunate that the previous occupants were smokers and that the caravan wasn't aired.

We've been to Devon Cliffs which is a fab site, but our caravan was very basic (we were tight though and only paid for standard as it was a cheapo Sun holiday!)

KaySamuels Thu 31-Jul-08 21:17:22

Primrose valley is fantastic.

The swimming pool is the one used in the tv ads. smile

Reighton sands small, tired and rundown btw, but we still had an ok family holiday.

RTKangaMummy Thu 31-Jul-08 21:18:37

We live part time near the HAstings one and it is right next to the local rubbish tip

So would not recommend that one TBH

Although there is quite alot to do in Sussex

themoon66 Thu 31-Jul-08 21:20:13

Right... i've texted my friend (single mum, 3 DCs). She is at Primrose Valley near Filey now, at this min. She has just texted back.... 'its the dogs bollox' grin

KatyMac Thu 31-Jul-08 21:21:26


This fills me with concerns we are going for a week (in 2 weeks time)

How far away is Primrose Valley? Can you use Tesco Vouchers?

jellybeans Thu 31-Jul-08 21:22:03

Quay West in Wales is nice. Berwick was much more lively/rowdy.

josben Thu 31-Jul-08 21:23:04

I just looked ! Primrose valley is in Yorkshire, not sure if you can use Tesco vouchers - it looks really nice onthe haven website... smile

KaySamuels Thu 31-Jul-08 21:26:30

They have poured money into it, themoon66 - your friend speaks the truth, it is lovely. smile

Also lots nearby so if you are not local also good for sightseeing.

mumto2andnomore Fri 01-Aug-08 08:55:44

Not much help for this year but what we have always done is choose a haven site but book the caravan through private owners who rent them out. You get a much better standard of caravan than havens own plus you know exactly where on the site its situated.

DontNeedAnything Fri 01-Aug-08 09:02:52

Katy you can use your vouchers at any Haven.

I think Primrose valley is quite high on our list of about 4-5 parks we want to go to

I think we have

1 of the North Wales sies (can't remember which one)
1 of the Weymouth Parks
Primrose vallley
One of the Corwall parks (Devon sands I think the really expensive one, but we should have enough vouchers for this next year as we have £500 already)
I woudl also like to go back to Caistor because there is loads of extra's on the park - although it is a little run down. And I could also invite Katy for coffee smile

<wonders how sad it looks that I have a "list of Haven Parks I want to visit">.

<wonders whether I am sad for

KatyMac Fri 01-Aug-08 09:04:41

You can't, the one at Poole you can't use vouches for

Is Primrose Valley a lot more expensive?

Blandmum Fri 01-Aug-08 09:06:13

Katymak, mablethorpe *isn't8 very nice. I can't comment on the site itself as I haven't been there. But I'm sure the poll etc will be great for the kids. If you don't find mablethorpe to your taste, there are lots of places inland that are very nice indeed.

Even if you just use the van as a base and place for the kids to swim and let off steam etc I'm sure you will have a great time

DontNeedAnything Fri 01-Aug-08 09:08:02

Can't you use your vouchers at Poole. I never knew that.

KatyMac Fri 01-Aug-08 09:11:28

When we went to burnham the problem was the food - we took a little friend of DD's but she only wanted kiddie food & DD was quite disappointed not to go to 'proper' restaurants

This time we can - so DD will be happier

If she can swim/ride a bike she will be happy

And if we can swing a cinema (MammaMia), a museum (the Collection in Lincoln) and a day out somewhere...maybe gardeny/farmy and we will be fine (I hope)

DontNeedAnything Fri 01-Aug-08 09:18:32

Shit just investigated that Poole thing Katy and that 3 of my chosen parks of the list I think sad...

...but not Primrose Valley.

KatyMac Fri 01-Aug-08 09:24:12

So are there lots of Haven that don't don't take the vouchers

Blandmum Fri 01-Aug-08 09:25:32

Ohhhhhhh \and don't forget the wonderful kinema in the woods (not a typo) at Woodhall Spa!

Real vintage Cinema experience, how could I have forgotten it. And there is a nice open air swimming pool there too.

Nice deli type places to shop, oldie worldie bakers etc and IIR the hotel is quite nice for food too

Blandmum Fri 01-Aug-08 09:26:19

kinema in the woods

frasersmummy Fri 01-Aug-08 09:31:16

We have done haggerston castle for the last 2 years. The park is one of their 5 star rated parks so its much nicer than reighton sands and has so much more to do. It has a boating pond, a full size golf course and stables all on the park.

we booked gold standard last year (which was top of the range) and the caravan was like new .. I know to be top of the range they have to be less than 1 year old and as we went 2 months into the season I am guessing it hadnt been used much before us. It was beautiful with full central heating and full size cooker and fridge freezer

This year we booked superior plus at the same site and it was just as nice as the previous year. It didnt have that just out the showroom look but it certainly wasnt tired or grubby.

I would complain to haven about your last accomodation, it doesnt sound right to me

paolosgirl Fri 01-Aug-08 09:36:21

Ditto Haggertson Castle. We'd never been to a Haven site before, but for a cheap week away with 2 older children a very young baby, it was great. Good facilities, very clean site and caravan, and lovely beaches nearby.

singyswife Fri 01-Aug-08 09:42:20

Hi there, I do Haven holidays every year and am yet to find a bad site, we have done: Primorse Valley, Cala Gran, Caister, Presthaven sands, Thorpe Park, (with the exception of Presthaven sands we have done them all twice). We have booked to go back to Thorpe Park next year again for the third time. I am sorry you had a bad experience but I would always recommend Haven holidays to people.

gscrym Fri 01-Aug-08 09:45:45

I've been to 3 Haven sites. Haggerston, Berwick and Wemyss Bay,

Haggerston - Nice site, basic caravan. Plenty to do but only problem was you had to go through the amusemant arcade to get to the entertainment or the pool.

Berwick - Site was busy. Caravan was a bit grotty and worn out. Again, same problem with the amusement arcade.

Wemyss Bay - Small site. Pool was small. Next to no amusements. Scenery was lovely. It was quite quiet. Caravan was lovely and very tidy. This was my personal favourite as there was loads to do in the area (horses, quad bikes, walks) and it was a nice wee site. Largs was close by for shops etc.

PinkChick Fri 01-Aug-08 09:48:13

we went to cayton bay, scarborough, loved it as a kid, we got there at 11am, went to onsite shop for bits, saw two WOMEN sat on the bench outside drinking cans of STELLA...we went through to family area, kids were running wild, parents supping bear in other room, not in eye or ear was 11am FGS, we went back to caravan and came home! dont go there!, shame tho as i thought it was fab years agosad

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