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Anyone been to Lower Hyde (Park Resort) IOW?

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laurz75 Wed 30-Jul-08 22:53:56

Is it any good? We're a young family (dc- just 3 and 17 months). Shall we book?!

hazel1975 Thu 07-Aug-08 10:25:51

We went there last year and took our DS plus 3 niecews and nephews. we had one of the ready tents which made for a pretty cheap holiday.
The pool wasnt great - needed a bit of a clean and there was a stomach bug going round for a day or so which thankfully missed us but no one knew if the pool really was to blame.
The entertainment in the evenings was pretty good although food on site is limited. We went off site every day and just came back for the evenings. it proved a good base for us


CaurnieBred Tue 26-Aug-08 18:39:37

We went this year. Didn't use the indoor pool as you could use the pool at Languard instead and it was much bigger. We stayed in a gold caravan which was lovely. Had a drive around the touring area and it looked fine. Kids club is fun - starts at around 1930 hrs until around 2100 hrs - my dd is 3 and we used to let her stay for that and then go back to the caravan. Now that it is no smoking indoors, there were lots of little babies in the nightclub area too. Is very close to Shanklin centre if you don't plan to have a car - Landguard is a drive away.

kiwibella Thu 28-Aug-08 12:26:29

we are just back from Whitecliff Bay near Sandown / Ryde. Although we took our own tent, they have lots of onsite accommodation options. It was a lovely venue with playgrounds, pools (indoor and outdoor), beach access, and entertainment throughout the day and evening.

matalot Thu 04-Sep-08 18:29:11

We went this year too. DS 15 months. We used the pool at Languard too. Worth paying more for the Gold caravan - some of the others were a bit ropey. The travel cots on hire were really good, the highchair really yucky. Get your shopping from one of the town supermarkets before you get there. Camp shop amazingly pricey.
We had a great time!

Only negative thing I can think of is that we found it really difficult to find 'family friendly'places to eat in Shanklin - so ate a lot of packed lunches and ate on site or in the caravan.

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