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Calling all Cheshire mums

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Billster Sat 26-Jul-08 00:29:02

We are off to a wedding at Bramhall Hall in October. We know the De Vere is nearby however dh is twitching already at the cost. does anyone know of any fab places for £60-90 a night - double room - 2 adults - dd with grandparents - yeeehhaaaa!


wibblyswobbly Sat 26-Jul-08 23:00:44

hiya, try the alma lodge, davenport park or the bamford arms. they are all in a short taxi ride distance from bramhall hall. the alma is the best in my opinion but i suppose its what you want from a hotel. google stockport rather than cheshire as its A cheaper and B nearer. for FAB places i would suggest manchester but then you would need the 2nd mortgage!!

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