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LP Holiday with toddler, help me choose please

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Tippychick Thu 24-Jul-08 22:54:17

OK, week comencing 15th September sees me on a week's holiday. I've not had a holiday in 10 years and have never been away either on my own or with DD (nearly 2) so I'm v excited.
I need a holiday, probably a holiday park as I need on-site things to do in all weathers as I don't drive. For that reason I also need it to be within a train trip of my home so North Cornwall, South Devon, Somerset.

The Haven holiday I chose for that week only have posh caravans left ( can't believe I just said that!) so it's doubled what I originally planned on paying. There are lots of Hoseasons in that area for very reasonable prices but the parks aren't as good.

So help me choose - do I book a slightly less good Hoeseasons one now or wait until the weekend before and try for an online late deal? Am I likely to get a bargain if I book on the Saturday for the following Monday? Or do you think I am risking not getting any of my choices?

I figured that schools are back by then (right?) and it's almost end of season so it won't be too busy.PLus I'm just doing 4 nights mid week. But I can't be too flexible as I need to be able to get to the park I choose and get around when I'm there.

Any advice? Anyone else done this? And any tips pon how I will pack for me and a toddler and still be able to carry bags, said toddler and buggy on the trains and buses? Will I have to strap nappies round my middle?

ladybouf Fri 25-Jul-08 20:09:24

Is the Centreparcs at Longleat too far for you? I suppose it depends how much you're looking at paying but they have some very good deals for the 4 nights midweek if you use the code FAMILY. We had an absolutely fantastic time at CP with our two little ones recently there's just so much to do. They also do things like give a good deal on childcare and the spa so that you can relax while your little one is well cared for. You can keep a constant eye on booking online as you can always see how many of each villa is available. So it's a fairly safe bet to keep watching the prices come down (which they usually do) and then book if you start thinking there's not many left! Hope you have a great time whatever you do.

metmoo Mon 28-Jul-08 21:38:00

parkdean holidays are pretty cheap and have good sites

Aarrgghh Mon 28-Jul-08 21:42:35

I have just done the same thing TC but up in Yorkshire - I am LP to 2.8 DS and dont drive either. Haven wanted £550 for a week so I googled owners caravans in the parks i wanted. The one i booked I got from ebay for £239 for the week. Its worth a look - let us know

metmoo Mon 28-Jul-08 21:45:53

where would you be getting train from?

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