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First holiday with dc, where did you go and how was it?

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shinyhappypeople Thu 24-Jul-08 21:38:24

Hi, dp and I are taking dd (10 months) on her first holiday in a couple of weeks, we are going to Whitby. I havnt been shopping for my bikin yet!!!

I was just wondering where the rest of you went on your first holiday and how it was? Im looking forward to it, but also thinking about all the things we are going to have to take. It is very different from past holidays I have been on where I had nice leisurely strolls around the shops looking for nice new bikinis and sarongs. This year it has been shopping for a travel cot and portable high chair.

If anyone has any tips for our first holiday it will be much appreciated.


georgimama Thu 24-Jul-08 21:40:19

Went to Spain when DS was six months and he was delightful but teething so a bit miserable for a couple of nights. It was our trial run for the biggie three months later - three weeks in Australia visiting my brother and his wife.

I admire your optimism but are you likely to need a bikin in Whitby????

Fimbo Thu 24-Jul-08 21:42:48

From memory dd's first holiday (she is now 10) was to Oban in Scotland to a time-share which my pil had swapped for theirs.

A travel stairgate may be handy if she is crawling/on the verge of crawling. A cheap stroller would be good too.

PestoMonster Thu 24-Jul-08 21:43:56

When our dd1 was a year old we had a week in Crantock, Cornwall followed by a week in Bovisand, Devon. We had a little seat that you could clamp-on to the table or the arms of a chair, for dd to sit in when high chairs weren't available. That wsa very useful, as were reins as she was just walking by then. Also took the baby listeners so that we could put her to bed and then go downstairs to eat in peace.

harpomarx Thu 24-Jul-08 21:43:57

went to Sardinia with friends when dd 9 months. Was great, except she was super-clingy and didn't want anyone to hold her apart from me... that was a bit tiring.

didn't bother with travel cot or portable highchair - she slept in our bed and ate on our laps.

you can still buy a new bikini and sarong you know! I looked hot on the beach in Sardinia (apart from limpet on my hip grin)

shinyhappypeople Thu 24-Jul-08 21:48:00

That should have been bikini not bikin. I have been shopping for a few nice new long sleeved tops instead and have made dp to purchase a rain coat!

Was thinking about stairgate, she has just started to crawl this last week, its amazing how fast she is just after a few days of learning.

Dalrymps Thu 24-Jul-08 21:48:26

Went to conrwall, last week actually, ds is 8 and a half mo. Was fine, not much different from being at home as we were self catering in a holiday home.
We took his mobile to help him settle at night and to make it feel more like home, also his own sheet that smells of home, don't know if it made much difference but he was fine.
With the food we took a flask to put hot water in to heat his milk/food and some containers that he could stand his bottle/food in to warm up.

seb1 Thu 24-Jul-08 21:51:44

We went to Whitby this year (not our first holiday though). You must have an ice cream here beacon farm

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