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Salisbury or Wells for a few days?

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Astrophe Sat 12-Jul-08 22:30:00

Never been to either, but are going to stop somewhere in that area in our campervan, with a 2 and 4 year old. Which one should we visit? Or are they both 'must sees' for expats?


Cynthia32 Sat 12-Jul-08 22:43:38

wells in somerset?

Astrophe Sat 12-Jul-08 22:56:12

yes, somerset.

taipo Sat 12-Jul-08 23:00:16

I used to know both quite well but haven't been to either for ages.

Both are worth a visit but I'd say Wells if you're just doing one. If you have time you could go to Wookey Hole Caves which would be quite exciting for your children.

Cynthia32 Sat 12-Jul-08 23:02:00

Hmmm dp used to live in wells. apparently not much to do for children.

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