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Anybody been to Bedruthan steps - should I book a villa or hotel suite?

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Tapster Thu 10-Jul-08 14:25:12

We are seriously thinking about going to Bedruthan steps in september but we are trying to work out which type of room would suit us best. Our DD will be nearly 2 and will still be sleeping in a cot. I think I would be happier with just a baby listening service if she is in a hotel part and not a villa or elsewhere. But we are worried that with only a sectioned off part of the living room she will wake alot at night as she is a light sleeper and I will be 5 months pregnant and needing my sleep!

DanniPops Sat 19-Jul-08 08:58:15

Hi Tapster, I might be there in September too - never been so can't offer advice, but a couple of friends who have been really loved it. I had a holiday at the same stage as you (5m preg + just about 2 yr old) - went long-haul and dd1 was monstrous on flight so am now strictly short-haul. It's a flaming nightmare trying to get a holiday right at this stage, but my compromise on rooms / villa type issue was that it was much easier to get to bed early in a hotel (no clearing up to do etc after dinner) so even if we were woken in the night at least it was a long night, 9pm til 6am even. My daughters are 3 (red hair) and 16 months so if you spot us in Sept, say hello!

SqueakyPop Sat 19-Jul-08 09:23:24

I would say a hotel suite for a 2 year old. The villa suites have the same layout so would not solve your getting disturbed problem.

The villa suites open up onto the garden area, so you may worry that she will get out on her own.

The baby listening covers the whole hotel, but if you take your own, you can only really use it in the main part of the hotel.

Tapster Sat 19-Jul-08 22:28:04

Thanks booked a hotel suite really looking forward to it.

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