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Dog friendly places in Westminster

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youcannotbeserious Mon 07-Jul-08 07:48:34

Does anyone know of any pubs or dog friendly restaraunts or other dog friendly attractions - in or around Westminster?

Also suitable for young kids......

The dog is very well behaved and well socialised but can't deal with esculators at all so best to steer clear of the Tube unless there are steps / lifts.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

BasementBear Mon 07-Jul-08 21:00:30

Westminster is not particularly dog-friendly I'm afraid, but there are lovely parks - St James's and Green Park are both great. Most playgrounds do not allow dogs, same goes for restaurants although many have outside seating these days. Sorry to be vague, but not having a dog I've never really thought about it - not even sure if they are allowed on the buses!

youcannotbeserious Mon 07-Jul-08 21:07:08

Thanks BB - Yes, dogs are allowed on buses! grin

They are also allowed in lots of places, but they tend to be pretty exclusive (AKA expensive!)

I tend to use Hotel 41, which is just wonderful but I'm really just looking for somewhere for lunch, not to stay in London.

FWIW, Dogs are allowed (FOC) on tubes and pretty much all public transport, it's just that my dog can't cope with esculators. He's seriously scared of them, poor mite!

Saymyname Mon 07-Jul-08 21:09:33

Hang on YCBS, I've got "the best dog friendly pubs, hotels and b&bs" book here. Will look it up.

Is nice to meet a fellow dog-lover on here, something of a rarity at times on MN.

Saymyname Mon 07-Jul-08 21:13:19

Hmmm, nothing in my book.

This in Pimlico from a website though, that borders Westminster:

PIMLICO Orange Brewery

As its not so easy to drink with your dog in town we are pleased to add this pub - recommended by a regular visitor. Pimlico Road at junction with Ebury and Bourne Street, Sloane Square tube.
37-39 Pimlico Road, Pimlico, London.
Pub Website
Telephone: 020 7730 5984


youcannotbeserious Mon 07-Jul-08 21:30:26

Ooooh.... YCBS waves frantically to Saymyname!!

I am a mad dog lover.

Check out this site it's great.

I have a wonderful chocolate dog who is my first baby (and currently dealing perfectly with my real first baby!!! blush)

Thanks for the link, though - will check it out!!!

WHere abouts are you?

(btw - check out my profile - I have a great photo of the dog and baby together...)

Saymyname Mon 07-Jul-08 21:35:23

Hehe, it's the same link!

Aww!! Choccy lab, I love them! Boy or girl? How old?? Baby is gorgeous too.

How is the dog finding the baby? Our first DC is due in 5 weeks and we have been trying to prepare our two springers for the new arrival. Will try and put a pic of them on my profile...

youcannotbeserious Mon 07-Jul-08 21:48:08


he's a boy (ALL boy, IYKWIM!! wink), he's 5 in september and is just wonderful.

My baby is also a boy and also woderful!!! I am just a bit biased!!

the choco one has been great with the baby. Wanted to lick him, but quite reserved since he's been told he can't. Does act as an early warning system on the nappies!!! grin

In fact, right now, DS is asleep in his bed and DD (dear dog) is asleep on the sofa.


BasementBear Mon 07-Jul-08 21:57:31

Sorry for my lack of doggy knowledge - this thread looks like it is becoming more of a dog-appreciation site than a what's on in Westminster, but I wouldn't recommend the Orange Brewery. Its on a busy road and although there are seats outside, they are usually hogged by the smokers. Better to go a couple of minutes into Belgravia to the Thomas Cubitt on Elizabeth Street (google the name, the website is lovely). Lots of seats outside, lovely food, much quieter road.

youcannotbeserious Mon 07-Jul-08 22:05:17

Thanks BB!!! You see, this is what we need to keep some perspective!!

If you don't mind (and it's a bit of an ask!) could you look throug the dog friendly pubs on the above link and see if you know of any of them???

The links are great for dog friendly places, but it does tend to lack a little something when it comes to actually summing up wh at a place is like!!!

TIA - appreciate you ight not want to!!!

BasementBear Mon 07-Jul-08 22:34:36

Since having the DCs my intimate knowledge of London pubs is a bit out of date I'm afraid, grin but had a quick look at the site and would think that the Anglesea Arms (South Ken) and Queens Arms in Kensington would be good bets. Both nice areas and close to Hyde Park, not too far from Westminster. Also Battersea Park is very nice for dogs, there is an Italian Cafe in the middle of the park with lots of seats by the lake, and several other tea and coffee places dotted about in the park

youcannotbeserious Mon 07-Jul-08 22:39:22

Thank you - that's so kind of you!!

<<<<YCBS does big thankyou emoticon!>>>>

Lola234 Fri 18-Jul-08 14:31:43

your best bet is probably a walk in st james park right in it.

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