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Somewhere to eat/things to do near the London Eye?

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smurfgirl Sun 06-Jul-08 22:18:00

My dad is getting his MBA in September and I am going to London with him to watch his graduation and staying overnight. He is very proud and so I want it to be a special trip for him. He is 56, I will be 24.

We are staying here:

I wanted to take him somewhere nice for dinner on Friday, preferably walking distance from the hotel, nothing mega mega expensive but nice.

Then something to do on Saturday? Again walking distance would be good and I know there is a lot around there, we have done the London Eye already.


youcannotbeserious Mon 07-Jul-08 07:45:14

The Oxo Tower is a lovely place to eat. Choose the Brasserie (rather than the restaraunt) for a more relaxed (and cost effective!!) meal.

If you have kids with you, then you have the Aquarium, the Froggy bus (now called Duck tours I think) and the Imax all within a short walk...

Otherwise, it really depends what your dad is 'into' - River trips are usually quite nice, especially if you don't get to London that often... Fortnum and Mason is worth a visit (the Basement bar is one of my favorites), the Houses of Parliment?

Def. recommend The Oxo Tower though....

onceinalifetime Mon 07-Jul-08 07:56:47

Agree re Oxo Tower but Sklylon at The Festival Hall is lovely too:

The restaurant at Tate Modern is also good and the gallery itself is open until 10pm on Friday nights.

If you wanted somewhere a bit cheaper there are some fairly decent chain places along the river - Strada, Real Greek, etc or you could walk down the river to Borough Market which has a lovely atmosphere. There's quite a good selection of restaurants - Applebees Fish Restaurant is very good and also Brindisa Tapas - good pubs there too if you fancy a drink first.

Saturday - depends on the weather to some extent but Tate to Tate boat, boat trip to Greenwich, river walk down to Tower Bridge - lots to see on the way, Design Museum, etc. How long have you got and what sort of things does he like?

xmummy Wed 09-Jul-08 22:39:24

There is also Butlers wharf just before the oxo tower where there are several different restaurants to choose from of varying different prices.

further down by the royal festival hall there are a lot of restaurants - ping pong - an asian dumpling place is very good too


gillybean2 Thu 10-Jul-08 09:26:44

There's some nice restaurants around the St Catherine's dock area which is near the tower of London. Not within walking distance but it has a ferry stop right next to it if you wanted to hop down on the ferry.

There also used to be a very nice chineese restaurant above county hall/aquarium where the London Eye is. Not sure if it's still there though as it's been a couple (or more) years since I last went to it!

triplets Sat 12-Jul-08 23:24:10

On Thurs night I stayed in accomodation at St Thomas`s hospital, just down the road from your Premier Inn. My brother and I had a super meal at AJI`S NOODLE BAR its two mins walk from the P Inn towards the hospital, really really lovely food, great way of serving ti, kitchen where you can see it all happening, so nice and clean, fab food, nice beer all for £20 for two of us!

Lola234 Mon 14-Jul-08 15:05:43

Message deleted

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