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Sandy Balls

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fivecandles Tue 01-Jul-08 18:36:04

People on here have raved about Sandy Balls and now I'm going. Please tell me what there is to do there (and in the area). Anything else I need to know?

sagacious Tue 01-Jul-08 18:38:40

No advice
Its meant to be fab
The name just makes me snurk

Chequers Tue 01-Jul-08 18:40:49

Message withdrawn

gillybean2 Thu 10-Jul-08 18:49:48

Look at their website. It tells you what they have there and close by and also has a link to local attractions like the eden project etc.

Sparkletastic Thu 10-Jul-08 18:50:51

Snurky mcsnurk snurk

MadameCheese Fri 18-Jul-08 23:01:24

Ha ha ha! I used to drive past there every day to and from work and always used to laugh at the name! The Fighting Cocks pub is a ten minute walk (that also makes me laugh due to my purile SOH). You're just outside Fordingbridge which is possibly a 20 minute walk, check out the George pub it is fab! If you like walking you're a stone's throw from the New Forest and all that that has to offer. Not sure about the complex itself, though it does have a pool and there is a riding school nearby called "Arnis" which is supposed to be good. Have a lovely time!

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