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anyone up for a challenge? How to 'do' London pleeeease

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laurawaterford Mon 16-Jun-08 20:09:37

I am coming to London for a week in summer with Irish hubby and children. They have never been and I want to REALLY impress them with Ye Olde English and the beauty and history and entertainment and and and.....

What are true 'must sees'? and what show should we see? boys are all teenagers.

I have found a brilliant site called but I am still boggled. Can't do it all so how should I plan my precious 6 days?

Please sort me out an itinery. We will toast the best one with some real Ale when we get there!!!

littlelapin Mon 16-Jun-08 20:14:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hassled Mon 16-Jun-08 20:16:02

THe London Eye is a must-see (I say that, but haven't actually ever been on it - am very scared of heights blush). According to DH and the DCs, it is fantastic. The whole South Bank area around the Eye is good for a wander - great view of Parliament, the London Acquarium and the Saatchi Gallery in the County Hall building next to the Eye.

The British Museum is my favourite of the big museums - such a beautiful building, quite apart from the great stuff inside.

AttilaTheAntiHun Mon 16-Jun-08 20:19:12

London Eye - get there early. I suggest you pre-book tickets - no queue. And the pods heat up alarmingly on a summer day so the earlier, the better.

How about one of the markets - Camden Lock or similar

laurawaterford Mon 16-Jun-08 20:21:09

wow - so quick!!! This is impressive!!!!

littlelapin Mon 16-Jun-08 20:22:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlelapin Mon 16-Jun-08 20:22:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlelapin Mon 16-Jun-08 20:23:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

laurawaterford Mon 16-Jun-08 20:25:01

Whats the Duck Trail littlelapin?

And I want to do it all....? Def a museum. Not bothered with art this time round. I think the boys all want to do the famous sights like Tower - is it worth it for impressiveness. (I really want to show off my country's capital!!) and london eye they really want to do.

best museum is the British?

and best show? I wanted to do Billy Elliott but have been outvoted - they are all excited about Phantom of the Opera or another 'famous' one!

EffiePerine Mon 16-Jun-08 20:25:22

There are some lovely pubs - for old-fashioned appeal I would suggest

the Lamb near Russell Square (and the BM)

laurawaterford Mon 16-Jun-08 20:25:47

oh have to do Spamalot!!!

EffiePerine Mon 16-Jun-08 20:27:28

I love the National Gallery, and it's on Trafalgar Square so you can tick that one off at the same time. Also the National Portrait Gallery which is next door.

Wander along the South bank one afternoon - river, Tate Modern, Borough (Borough Market open Fri and Sat), Southwark Cathedral

artichokes Mon 16-Jun-08 20:27:29

You can book tours inside the Houses of Parliament in the summer. Its a pretty spectacular building and well worth a tour IMO.

I second a wander round the South Bank and trip on the Eye. A boat tour from Westminster Pier to Greenwich is a pretty nice way of seeing the city and Greenwich is very nice (if you are interested go and look round the Observatory).

What kind of stuff do you like? Shakespeare in the park in Regents Park is lovely on a summer night.

littlelapin Mon 16-Jun-08 20:28:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

funnypeculiar Mon 16-Jun-08 20:28:59

Absolutely agree on London Eye. Really good thing to do late in your trip, I'd say, as you can have fun spotting all the places you've been smile
Also agree that South Bank in general is fun - street entertainers, excellent bit with all the skate-boys, and lots of nice places to eat too.

I'd think about the nat history and/or science museum - depending on the boys tastes.

Again, depending on their preferences, a gallery - I'd probably go with Tate Modern for teenagers - contemporary stuff so a bit more edgy.

British Museum for mummys (no boy is ever too old for a mummified cat grin)

I'm no good on shows, sorry!

littlelapin Mon 16-Jun-08 20:31:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PerkinWarbeck Mon 16-Jun-08 20:33:02

oh, the Tower is a must if you want Olde English Beauty. and maybe Hampton Court too? It's a train ride into the suburbs (about 30mins) but well worth it.

shreddies Mon 16-Jun-08 20:38:42

Agree, the Tower is truly impressive.

MillieMummy Mon 16-Jun-08 20:41:33

Get hold of a copy of time out when you arive in town, there are always loads of cool things going on. How old are the boys?

Hassled Mon 16-Jun-08 20:42:54

Mention of the Lamb pub has brought me straight back to my student days - the hours I spent in there!

Covent Garden is good for quite trendy teenagerish shopping and from there you can walk to Chinatown, which is fun.

PerkinWarbeck Mon 16-Jun-08 20:44:05

and the Imperial War Museum is a short distance from the London Eye, and is adored by boys of all ages
(DH and FIL still haven't lost their fascination with it).

MillieMummy Mon 16-Jun-08 20:46:10

Did a tour around Wembley stadium recently, it was fantastic - got to go in the players dressing room and hold the replica FA cup in the royal box.

A cheaper ride on the water and also impressive is the clipper which goes from the eye to the dome (aka the O2 arena). It is speedy, but you get to see the tower of london, london bridge etc. The dome is also worth a look too.

Agree with other posters that the eye is great, but get there early in the morning.

laurawaterford Tue 17-Jun-08 09:08:26

lost my internet connection in the middle of this thread yesterday evening so sorry didnt reply sooner. Im def doing the Eye - and late in the week so we can see all the places we've been sounds really good. I'm going to book that before I go. also sounds like the tower is a must. Why Hampton Court over all the other Gardens? Is it particularly lovely? Will do that too. Where is Greenwich - anywhere near Wilmbledon? and also where is Hampton Court?
Whats the clipper as opposed to the other boatride? Where is the dome? Actually the only time we were in London was specifially to see the imperial war museum and it was so impressive. We all TOTALLY bowled over - That was a few years ago, the boys we are bringing are now 14, 16 and an 18 (our special needs who will be forever 5 years old...)

Thank you all so much!! am going to investigate all today.

funnypeculiar Tue 17-Jun-08 10:04:27

Some answers I know:
Hampton Court = edge of surrey - ie to SW (10 mins down the road from me smile). You'll need to go on Overground train. Wimbldon is in right direction, but HC is further out.

Greenwich is no-where near either really! (SE, reasonably central).

You might find this site helpful for planning transport - it 'joins up' overground, underground, bus & walking, so you can plan easiest routes. Also has maps transport for london

laurawaterford Tue 17-Jun-08 10:23:29

brillian! thanks, was just wondering about transport

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