Places to stay in South Wales? Haven Cabins? Caravan parks?

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adelicatequestion Sun 25-May-08 11:31:10

We are looking for a holiday in South Wales anywhere between Cardiff and Swansea.

Minimum requirements - nice beach, swimming pool.

Any ideas or recommendations.


Grav1 Sun 25-May-08 16:05:00

Trecco Bay in Porthcawl. I believe it is with Parkdean Holidays. There is an indoor pool, outdoor play areas, Kids entertainment. There was an indoor soft play area but they were considering updating it so I am not sure if it is open now. Porthcawl is a seaside town and has a nice beach. Trampolines, donkeys etc and there is a Fairground.

Grav1 Sun 25-May-08 16:07:55

adelicatequestion Sun 25-May-08 22:24:17


Have you been recently. We went a few years ago to North Wales to a Haven site and were really disappointed with the place.

The pool was dirty, old and cracked everywhere. The public evening entertainment places stank of manky old carpet.

The caravan was very nice though - luckily or it could have been a quick stay!


llareggub Sun 25-May-08 23:18:49

Go a bit further west to Tenby and visit Kiln Park.

Grav1 Mon 26-May-08 12:44:32

No we haven't stayed there recently but we did go for a walk around there last October. The pool complex looked ok and as I said the indoor play place was due to be revamped but I am not sure if they did it or not. The restaurant area looked very clean and tidy and was very busy.We had chips from the chippy and they were delicious. Porthcawl is quite pleasant (a lovely flat stroll from Trecco Bay) and has shops like Woolworths, Peacocks, Somerfield, Boots etc. When are you planning on going on holiday?

adelicatequestion Mon 26-May-08 19:48:11

We are planning some time in August either before or after DT's birthday on 14th.

DH would prefer Tenby or Pembroke area or nearer the Gower, I would like Porthcawl area (less travelling to get there!)

Llareggub - have you visited recently for teh same reasons as above?

llareggub Mon 26-May-08 20:00:44

Personally, I would prefer the Gower or Pembrokeshire, simply because my childhood memories of Porthcawl are not good. It was always the place we begged our parents to take us because there was a dodgy funfair. Grossly unfair, perhaps, but I remember it being a bit run down. Bear in mind, however, that I haven't been there for years.

Now, the Gower or Pembrokeshire are absolutely beautiful. If it is a Haven type holiday you want, I'd recommend Kiln Park because it is near a beach and you can use it as a base for Tenby, Folly Farm, Oakwood...the list goes on. If it is splendid isolation and fab beaches, give the Gower a whirl. There is a caravan site in Oxwich (I think) but nothing on a Haven holiday scale. If the weather is poor then the new Leisure Centre (LC2) in Swansea is most definitely worth a vist. It really isn't all that much further down to the Gower or Pembrokeshire.

llareggub Mon 26-May-08 20:03:02

The beaches are definitely better on the Gower or Pembrokeshire. I can't think of any places on the Gower with a pool, but most people tend to swim in the sea anyway.

I'd probably recommend Oxwich or Port Eynon to you on the Gower.

mellyonion Mon 26-May-08 20:05:31

never stayed there, but i have heared fab things about kiln park in tenby.... that whole area is brill.....far nicer than porthcawl in my opinion, for what its worth!

on the quieter beaches in and around west wales, on a nice day, you feel you could be anywhere in te world.......if you stay in porthcawl, i don't think you'll get that same feeling of tranquility...

Iota Mon 26-May-08 20:07:49

Gower or Pembrokeshire for me too

ChirpyGirl Mon 26-May-08 20:19:32

Definately go a bit further West into Gower, if you do stay there the new leisure centre in Swansea has just opened up and has lots of stuff to do (apparently, not got round there yet!)

Notalone Mon 26-May-08 20:33:31

Another vote for Tenby or Gower. We are going to Lydstep beach in Tenby this year which is a literally 1 min drive from Kiln Park. It is another Haven place but is so popular it is not in the brochure anymore, you can only book by request or via the internet. It has its own private beach and really is lovely. Tenby itself is beautiful too and there is loads to do, especially in nice weather.

I used to go to the Gower when I was younger and it is also amazing. Oxwich Bay is lovely as is Three Cliffs Bay.

I would say it is definitely worth driving that little bit further to stay somewhere a bit nicer

adelicatequestion Tue 27-May-08 18:06:43

Thanks for all the tips. The Gower/Tenby area it is then.

We have been to Tenby once and really liked it but didn't explore the beaches too much.

Off now to look up Kiln Park.

Thanks for all the tips.

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