Bridgend (Wales) Area?

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NotQuiteCockney Tue 13-May-08 07:17:35

I'm going to be near Bridgend, weekend after next (bank holiday weekend) on my own. Planning on maybe trying surfing, deffo some kayaking, maybe some climbing. Any must-see stuff there?

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NotQuiteCockney Wed 14-May-08 07:13:29


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ChirpyGirl Wed 14-May-08 07:47:11

If you are ner Bridgend then you should go an extra half hour along M4 to swansea and surf in the Gower.
I dont surf but apparently they are good beaches there and it was also the first dedicated place of outstanding natural beauty in the UK.

Or have a mooch on here

I don't live in bridgend (i live in swansea) so have no clue what is there!

ChirpyGirl Wed 14-May-08 07:47:50

I have no clue why that defaults to weddings BTW!

ChirpyGirl Wed 14-May-08 07:49:14

Or call these guys

NotQuiteCockney Wed 14-May-08 07:51:39

Yeah, the Adventures Wales guys are some of what I'm planning to see. There's also a separate crew doing surfing from porthcawl.

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ChirpyGirl Wed 14-May-08 07:59:36

Its not really my thing TBH so I am of little use, if you asked me for good parks/beaches/baby friendly cafes I could help more!

Have fun on your own envy

beaniesteve Wed 14-May-08 08:03:19

If you're going to bridgens tehn you won't be too far from Southerdown lamorgan.htm

NotQuiteCockney Wed 14-May-08 08:10:51

Beaches I might do?

I might hit Southerndown on my way to or from Bridgend - I'm going by train and bike, so will be less mobile than car type people ...

Can I expect to find good maps when I get there? Debating asking DH to print out some from Google maps, but really an OS map would be better ...

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MrsBadger Wed 14-May-08 08:41:40

Rest Bay is more likely than Southerndown to have decent surf, depends on the wind direction though. The chaps in Porthcawl will know.

afraid we never do anything especially exciting when we're down there, just hang out on the beach etc.

use GetAMap to print OS maps

Chequers Wed 14-May-08 08:49:06

Message withdrawn

Chequers Wed 14-May-08 08:50:10

Message withdrawn

NotQuiteCockney Wed 14-May-08 10:02:10

Is Rest Bay near Porthcawl? I'm actually staying nearer Porthcawl than Bridgend - planning to bike to there from Bridgend, have bike ticket for train and everything.

GetaMap looks good, thanks MrsB!

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bundle Wed 14-May-08 10:03:54

I'm close to Stanfords NQC if you want me to pop in and grab you an OS map x

Chequers Wed 14-May-08 10:04:54

Message withdrawn

NotQuiteCockney Wed 14-May-08 10:06:16

Ta, bundle - I think I'll be in town this weekend, so should be able to do it. Doing the British Museum with DS1 as a special treat.

How are you these days? Haven't seen you at any meetups for ages, probably because I haven't been going ...

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bundle Wed 14-May-08 10:07:53

ooh british museum will be nice smile

i'm fine thanks, had a bit of a bug last week but Ok now. Quite busy with work..which is actually quite nice.

DanielleMcMullen Wed 20-Feb-19 11:53:51

I've used these guys in the past and they've been very good

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