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Holiday cottage wanted-coast of North Cornwall.

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AbbeyA Mon 28-Apr-08 22:13:01

Can anyone recommend a holiday cottage near the north coast of Cornwall,between Portreath and Newquay? A quiet location preferred, up to about 10 miles inland and either 2 or 3 bedrooms.

AbbeyA Tue 29-Apr-08 16:00:33

If you can't recommend a cottage, can anyone recommend a website? It is for the school summer holiday and I appear to have left it a bit late!

Mung Tue 28-Oct-08 21:24:32

Can I now request the same thing? I want something near Bude really that sleeps 6+

ceebee74 Tue 28-Oct-08 21:31:03


Not sure if it is what you are looking for but we stayed here 2 years ago and it was lovely. It is in a (very) quiet location and the stairs were quite steep so I guess it depends on the age of your children.

But if not, there are plenty of others to choose from on this website.

tuesdayafternoon Tue 28-Oct-08 21:32:13

I just checked out cottages4you for the week of 1st Aug & there were over 130! (Obv you have to put in the date you actually want grin - v wide price range too)

tuesdayafternoon Tue 28-Oct-08 21:35:46

(If you book via the link on the MN shopping page you get 7% off smile)

AbbeyA Tue 28-Oct-08 21:53:03

I found a lovely one in the end but it only sleeps 4.

tuesdayafternoon Wed 29-Oct-08 19:20:20

Hadn't noticed the date of your OP, Abbey - glad you found something anyway smile

(Was that this summer just gone? What was your weather like?)

AbbeyA Wed 29-Oct-08 22:41:24

It was August-the weather was wet! Apparently every week in August was wet! However we did a lot of surfing and it didn't matter in a wet suit!

Cheesesarnie Wed 29-Oct-08 22:54:02

every week in cornwall is wet

Mung Thu 30-Oct-08 07:58:32

I thought spring would be OK, as I'd be prepared for it to be wet and if its nice it will be a bonus.

I know there are loads of cottages out there, but its almost too large a choice. I just wanted to know if anyone could recommend a specific place to me as a starting point.

Thanks for any suggestions and also for the tip off about the 10% discount.

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