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Things to do in York with a 19 month old?

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REIDmylips Fri 21-Mar-08 20:26:15

DH and i are taking ds to York on Sunday to meet my mum and dad for lunch, We plan on staying for the afternoon. My parents are there on a short break and we dont really want to impose ourseves on them all day iyswim.

Bearing in mind the weather may be rubbish, does anyone have any suggestions as to what we can do, neither of us have been there before.

LIZS Fri 21-Mar-08 20:27:14

Railway museum ?

REIDmylips Fri 21-Mar-08 20:28:21

nah, not relly us

StressTeddy Fri 21-Mar-08 20:30:14

There are lots of child friendly cafes and bars if you need to shelter from the weather. There are usually lots of street artists doing their thng so find a cafe near one of them and your ds may be amused for a while.
Enjoy, it's a lovely City

SquonkForgotHerEasterName Fri 21-Mar-08 20:33:36

The Spurriergate Centre has a lovely, child friendly cafe - they have lots of high chairs, toys that the littlies can play with and they are really helpful and (most importantly) understanding.

The railway museum is fab - you must go on the big wheel if you do visit there.

If you want a bit of a trip out, Eden Camp is waaaay more interesting than you would think.

Then there's always York Minster to have a look around,

and most importantly, there is The Jorvik Centre which he may be a little young for, but well worth thinking about...

beautifuldays Fri 21-Mar-08 20:33:51

national railway museum is fab (it's free too)
the eye thingy good too, but maybe not in gale force winds.

SquonkForgotHerEasterName Fri 21-Mar-08 20:34:26

and am quite cross that I'm visiting rellies on Sunday so can't pop over and say hello grin

StressTeddy Fri 21-Mar-08 20:35:02

Great ideas squonk. Minster gardens next to the Minster is great for a run around and a cake!!! (Buy it at cake shope beforehand)Lovely

REIDmylips Fri 21-Mar-08 20:38:08

mmh, maybe we should go to the railway museum afterall. It sounds good.

I am really looking forward to the day out. DH and i rarely get time to do things like this!

fryalot Fri 21-Mar-08 20:41:42

you could go for a cruise down the river

have a beer in the most flooded pub in the world (or so it seems)

Or you could just mooch around the shops - there are plenty of them

fryalot Fri 21-Mar-08 20:43:16

national railway museum it really is a good day = we went with our littlies and we all enjoyed it.

StressTeddy Fri 21-Mar-08 20:43:38

squonk -are you in York then?

ScienceTeacher Fri 21-Mar-08 20:43:38

If you just have a few hours, I would go for the Minster. It is an amazing place - absolutely huge. Your DS can be let loose and be perfectly safe.

REIDmylips Fri 21-Mar-08 20:43:52

i would be on pins on a boat with ds. He is like lightening. Even on reigns he is a handful lol

fryalot Fri 21-Mar-08 20:46:54

StressTeddy - I used to live in a village just outside York, now I live in between York & Hull. Are you nearby?

fryalot Fri 21-Mar-08 20:47:19

Reidy - I think the boats are covered. They have like a glass roof and sides.

StressTeddy Fri 21-Mar-08 20:49:50

I live in York - hello fellow yorkie; ST waves furiously and very excitedly

kayzisbroody Fri 21-Mar-08 20:50:43

Go to the minster or the railway museum. Trains aren't really my thing but its great there.

fryalot Fri 21-Mar-08 20:50:43

Hello StressTeddy <<<squonk waves even more furiously>>>

<<<squonk gets all excited about having a MNer near>>>

StressTeddy Fri 21-Mar-08 20:55:05

yay - I feel like I know someone on MN. smile

reid - I would also recommend the railway museum. It is great and I don't like trains at all - or get why little boys love them so much.

kayzisbroody Fri 21-Mar-08 20:57:58

I want to go to the railway museum now!!

May have to persuade dh that we should go tomorrow.

StressTeddy Fri 21-Mar-08 20:59:25

I'm going on Monday so may see someone from Mn there???? Wear a badge that say something like " I heart fruit shoots"

hoxtonchick Fri 21-Mar-08 20:59:46

the hours we've spent in the railway museum... the homestead is a great park, you could walk there along the river (about 20 minutes from the centre of town).

fryalot Fri 21-Mar-08 21:00:20

I'm still away on MOnday - Cumbria and Manchester!

But we could have a MN meet up at the railway museum some other time?

kayzisbroody Fri 21-Mar-08 21:00:27

I'd like to Monday but I don't think the buses will be running properlysad

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