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I am at risk of a 'holidaying in the UK bore', buuuuut - come and talk to me about your favourite places to holiday in the UK

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Thomcat Wed 23-Jan-08 20:17:18

If I disappear it's because DD3 is a milk monster and doesn't leave me alone, but till she calls -

I'm going to be doing a lot of holidaying int he UK for a while and nice places get booked early man! I bloody hate planning ahead so far but other massively organised buggers are forcing me to plan ahead.

Sooooo - I've booked a week in Bude, Cornwall (we live in London btw), but where else might I like?

Background info - have car, can travel.
3 girls, eldest is 6 but has Down's syndrome so at the development stage of a 2/3 year old really, and her sister's are currently 2yrs and 4 months.

MarsLady Wed 23-Jan-08 20:18:54

<<waves madly at Thomcat>>

Quattrocento Wed 23-Jan-08 20:19:56


3Ddonut Wed 23-Jan-08 20:19:56

I live in North Yorkshire and it's lovely up here!!!!

MinkVelvet Wed 23-Jan-08 20:21:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Moomin Wed 23-Jan-08 20:21:49

Tenby in Pembrokeshire (south west Wales) is just lovely. Beaches are outstanding (3 sandy beaches surround the town). Town is very pretty and looks like Balamory when you go out on boat trips and look back.

Very child-friendly and not scuzzy like some seaside towns can be. We love it!

Have been when the dds have been between the ages of 0-5. Less expensive than Cornwall too.

TREBUCHET Wed 23-Jan-08 20:22:07

Holkham in Norfolk. Caribbean-esque beaches, dunes and sand going on for miles. Warm shallow water and a fab hotel to stay in. Can't remember its name, sorry. Enjoy it is blissful x

ZippiBabes Wed 23-Jan-08 20:23:26


tiredemma Wed 23-Jan-08 20:23:27

Is it Camping TC?

Dorset coast - espec Lyme Regis area- beautiful.

EffiePerine Wed 23-Jan-08 20:23:35

North Devon
Norfolk coast
Scottish borders, esp Peebles (adore the place, would love to live there, tea shops and fly fishing)
East Neuk of Fife - St Andrews, Crail, Anstruther, Pittenweem

Surfermum Wed 23-Jan-08 20:24:25

Cornwall's a good start! I love especially the north coast (Crantock, Newquay, Watergate Bay, Polzeath, Padstow) Polperro, Helford River and St Ives are all lovely.

I like North Devon too - Woolacombe and Croyde.

Down here where I am is cool - Poole. We have the Purbecks, Corfe Castle, Wareham, Swanage. We have Sandbanks and about a 4 mile stretch of beach. Loads to do in Poole and Bournemouth with little ones. We're near the New Forest in the other direction.

Ummm .... I'm sure there's loads of lovely places but it's Cornwall every time for me!

EffiePerine Wed 23-Jan-08 20:24:27

Peebles has a lovely campsite...

MinkVelvet Wed 23-Jan-08 20:26:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dottydot Wed 23-Jan-08 20:27:42

North Devon is the bees' knees (that's all the knees of all the bees). We love Bideford, Appledore, lovely little beach at Instow. Tis wonderful.

Maidamess Wed 23-Jan-08 20:28:58

Another vote for North Norfolk, Wells Next The sea is lovely, Holt is nice for shopping. Don't all go there though, it'll be too busy!!

Minum Wed 23-Jan-08 20:31:11

Dorset, Lyme Regis, Cornwall, Devon, well anywhere West on the coast really

DontCallMeHun Wed 23-Jan-08 20:31:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

spicemonster Wed 23-Jan-08 20:32:47

Also in South Wales - the Gower peninsula - loads of lovely friendly small campsites and beautiful long beaches

Artichokes Wed 23-Jan-08 20:37:39

South Devon around Dartmouth, Salcombe etc (not Salcombe itself as although it is stunning its full of Fulham dwelling yachting types). Beaches are gorg, lots of petting farms etc. Dartmoor is nearby. Castles and National Trust properties galore.

The Scilly Isles are lovely too. Tresco is my fav and has no cars. Easiest way of getting to the Isles is helicopter or boat from Penzance.

What is your budget?

Hobnobfanatic Wed 23-Jan-08 20:43:20

Same as Artichokes - you can't beat the Scilly Isles, Kids love them - so many different islands, you can go in by helicopter or boat, and then lots of boat journeys to the islands to see seals or to go to different islands when you're there. Miles and miles of glorious beaches - fantastic for family hols.

Or Pembrokeshire in Wales, or Devon...

Grouchyoscar Wed 23-Jan-08 20:47:08

Our family of 3 (DH, DS (4) and me) go to Scarborough. I've found a nice little self catering holiday flat near the castle. It's great. £300 for a week peak season, lots of great things to do with DS (beachcombing, rockpooling, sandcastles etc etc) and trips to places of interest. We are a carless non driving family so it's a nice base.

It's fine by us

Thomcat Wed 23-Jan-08 21:06:44

Ohhh lovely, lovely.

errrrr no not camping, not with my lot, not yet. i love camping as does DP and as soon as they are trustworthy kids then I'm shoving them in the car and camping in the Sough of France. But while camping is a no way not on your nelly type thing it's cottages / villas etc in the UK.

Thomcat Wed 23-Jan-08 21:07:12

PS - mars if you're still her - back attacha baby, xxxx

DontCallMeHun Wed 23-Jan-08 21:12:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thomcat Wed 23-Jan-08 21:15:07

That looks nice Hun wink

No idea what our budget is. Just paid £1k for a weeks stay in a cottage in Bude and was happy to do so, so around that ball park for a week really.

Very excited about exploring the UK, never done it before smile

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