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Center Parcs - What are the highchairs in the villas like?

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MrsBadger Mon 07-Jan-08 14:43:06

ie would they be ok for 5mo dd who isn't sitting alone yet?

She's fine in this sort but not this sort, iyswim...

tiredemma Mon 07-Jan-08 14:45:18

we went three weeks ago and my friend wasnt happy with the highchair for her 1yr old son - so we contacted guest services and they brought a brand new one over- which was even better and more comfy looking than your preferred choice.

Fizzylemonade Tue 08-Jan-08 19:49:48

I have been to CP about 6 times and in the villa they are always the ones with the tray, either like the one you like or the wooden ones with a high back and tray.

Some of the restaurants do have the ones that you don't like but you can check out the restaurants when you are there and ask. The staff are all lovely no matter which site you visit. Guest services are lovely. We accidently broke a child gate blush and they came and fixed it really quickly for us.

Rantmum Tue 08-Jan-08 19:53:14

Sorry to hijack, but...

Centerparcs - are holidays inclusive or do all the activities (ie pool etc) get charged separately?

Onlyaphase Tue 08-Jan-08 20:01:17

Our highchair (in one of the less posh villas which allow you to take dogs was old, wooden and a liabitity. Never thought of complaining, wish I had. I had an 8 month old DD who wasn't comfortable in it and couldn't be left without an adult making sure she was OK in it at all times as the back moved oddly.

And for the activities, only the pool is included. All else - bike hire, all activities and sports - are paid for separately and get booked up really early.

roisin Tue 08-Jan-08 20:30:50

Onlyaphase - do they get booked up really early? In your experience what sort of activities get booked up? And what do you mean by early?

We've only been in winter weekends before, and have always found plenty of availability. In fact many things didn't run as there were insufficient bookings.

But we're going for Feb half term this year, so I expect it will be a lot busier.

lynniep Tue 14-Jul-09 13:02:55

I've only ever been to Elveden and the high chairs have been fine. Sort of superhard plastic with straps and a tray. Friends brought 5 month old with them and she was ok in it. They are quite similar to the second link though, but with a tray. ( the first link didnt work for me)

I've only ever stayed in an exec, woodland lodge, and old style exec though so I dont know what you get in a comfort or comfort plus.

Cotbeds are always the same, reasonably size foldaway but wooden types with a mattress included - but I've had to ask for a replacement once as the pins were knackered and it was really rickety. Wasnt a problem.

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