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Sun £9.50 holidays - post your favourite campsites here please

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ChippyMinton Wed 02-Jan-08 09:22:22

Start collecting tokens from Saturday in the Sun newspaper. Lots of dates for easter, spring and May bank holidays.

Anyone got any favourite sites to recommend?
Mine is Nodes Point on the Isle of Wight

J2O Sat 12-Jan-08 15:28:47

nappyaddict-primrose valley and thorpe park are good, don't know about the other 2. Primrose valley are really strict about passes and that, if you forget them you have to back for them to get into the pool and club but Thorpe park are pretty relaxed imo. i've put both of them down for march or April

Scramble, it usually comes to less than £100, especially if you take you're own linen.

Scramble Sat 12-Jan-08 15:45:41

Thanks I will keep collecting then grin.

kazbeth Fri 18-Jan-08 18:02:03

can anyone tell me how you get upgrades? Do you have to wait and contact the site directly or do you wait until you get there?


ChippyMinton Fri 25-Jan-08 17:26:28

kazbeth, when you are allocated a site & date the site will send you info about how to upgrade and also to extend your stay.

kazbeth Sat 26-Jan-08 10:42:32

Thanks ChippyMinton

MegBusset Mon 11-Feb-08 09:31:51

So has anyone who applied by post had confirmation yet? <impatient>

babyjjbaby Tue 12-Feb-08 16:16:18

is it too late to send it in i collected them and forgot

MegBusset Tue 12-Feb-08 19:48:59

According to the website the closing date was 1 Feb, sorry

babyjjbaby Tue 12-Feb-08 20:33:11

ohno thanks anyway

ambercat Tue 12-Feb-08 20:53:51

Was thinking about this today as i haven't heard from them and i noticed they have cashed my cheque!

MegBusset Tue 12-Feb-08 21:13:15

Yeah, my cheque was cashed on Jan 31st. Hopefully means that I have got one of my choices, anyway.

MegBusset Wed 13-Feb-08 13:44:56

Confirmation arrived today -- off to Camber Sands in September

starfire1984 Mon 09-Sep-13 14:18:31

Please does anyone have any sun vouchers? Thank you.

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