DOORSTEP JEWELS! Top 10 UK places to visit/things to see please!

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VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 01-Jan-08 22:54:33

I havent seen anywhere near enough of the UK. I've never been to Wales, or Northern/Republic of Ireland.

Give me your top must-see places please - I'd like to see some of my home country this year.

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fishie Tue 01-Jan-08 22:58:28

dungeness. and you can go on the lovely railway

brandybutterhelsy Tue 01-Jan-08 22:59:25

St. David's in Pembrokeshire - stunning coastal scenery, beautiful small city. Actually, anywhere along the Pembrokeshire coastal path.

Snowdonia - Llanberis area.

LLeyn Peninsula - my dad loves Hell's Mouth Bay (I think that's what it's called)

Galway City - cool place, friendly, beautiful.

Clary Tue 01-Jan-08 23:01:12

We love Pembrokeshire in S Wales if you like beaches (for surfing or sandcastles).

North York Moors very lovely and deserted for walking.

Lincoln Cathedral on top of steep hill fab building.

Cornwall is gorge but a bit of a long way away (even if you're in Devon, frankly).

holidaywonk Tue 01-Jan-08 23:01:59

S'not in Wales or Eire, but Lewes in Sussex is my fave fave place. Ditch the kids on someone and make a date to go on Bonfire Night. Prepare to be really quite aghast.

Clary Tue 01-Jan-08 23:02:03

oh there you go x-posted with helsy.

We went bodyboarding at Whitesands Bay (near St David's) last summer and it was soooo fab! DS2 was in heaven.

Clary Tue 01-Jan-08 23:03:39

I like Lyme Regis for fossils on the beach and general coastal scenery.

Beaches in Whitby area very nice too, eg Staithes, Runswick Bay, Whiby itself.

I like the coast, me (which is why I live in the middle of the middle of the country <sigh>)

PeachesMcLean Tue 01-Jan-08 23:07:45

Nah, go to Lavernock Point near Cardiff for fossils. Found a fantastic ammonite there at weekend.

We were at Oxwich Beach on the Gower Peninsula today. Gorgeous.

WriggleJiggle Tue 01-Jan-08 23:10:25

Cornish beaches in the winter - wrap up warm and take a kite.
Plymouth aquarium (although have heard 'the deep' may beat this?).
Yorkshire Dales - walk at Malham cove, see all the barns in swaledale, go to a good traditional pub!
Mallaig near Aviemore - take a boat trip across to the knoydart for wilderness, or play on the deserted silver sand beaches on your way to mallaig.

Check out this book

BurpyErnie Tue 01-Jan-08 23:10:32

Newcastle is fantastic, Hay on wye (go to the book festival the kids area is very good and so is the wine and ice cream) Abbergavenny (Angle Hotel does fab food and loves kids), Brecon Beacons and the Gower is just out of this world!

PeachesMcLean Tue 01-Jan-08 23:12:47

Abergavenny Food Festival in September, then go and stay at the Bear Hotel in Crickhowell with a long walk the next day up a mountain.


VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 01-Jan-08 23:13:39

oooh trains and fossils ALL good for DS! He's only 2.5, but he's already fascinated with both.

I've done some of the touristy places - Blackpool, Torquay, Brighton, New Forest.

I've been to Cornwall, but many moons ago when I was at school. I love it, and would love to go back. Scenic coastlines are a definite draw for me.

I also like the peace and isolation of heaths and moors. I LOVE Scotland for the same reason.

But have added both Dungeness and Pembrokeshire coast to my list.....

Thank you!

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brandybutterhelsy Tue 01-Jan-08 23:21:31

if it's coast and trains you want, this is supposed to be a line with lovely scenery

VeniVidiVickiQV Wed 02-Jan-08 13:11:25

Looks lovely helsy.

Newcastle - I've never had an interest but DH has been there and spoke quite highly of it. I have driven through/past it though, on the way back from Scotland.

Yorkshire is definitely somewhere I'd like to visit. I'm not sure if its a Winter or Summer thing though....?

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dooley1 Wed 02-Jan-08 13:13:17

The Lake Dstrict

GrinningSoul Wed 02-Jan-08 13:13:45

oxford is lovely out of the very busy summer season. And while in the area, visit White Horse hill, near wantage. Staggering. And stonehenge, not nearby at all. And Avebury.

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Wed 02-Jan-08 17:13:35

Castleton in the Peak District with all the caves. Nearby Matlock, Dove Dale. Some lovely trails like Tissington trail nearby for walking/biking. Plague village of Eyam.

Gorgeous beaches round Tenby. I used to live near Tenby.

I love the North York Moors. Goathland steam railway is there in "Heartbeat" country. Think it might be where they filmed the Harry Potter train as well hmm

Whitby, Robin Hoods bay near North York Moors are lovely. Plenty of fossils.

The waterfalls at Ingleton in Yorkshire are a lovely day out.

lilolilmanchester Wed 02-Jan-08 17:20:19

Durham and the Northumberland coast would get my vote as must see places.

Lilymaid Wed 02-Jan-08 18:17:32

May I recommend a day trip to Cambridge (or Oxford). Lovely in Spring when the bulbs are flowering on the Backs or in September. Take a punt out on the river - or go in a chauffeured one. Don't go in July or August when the place is heaving with foreign language students or in May when colleges often don't allow visitors because it is exam time.

twinsetandpearls Wed 02-Jan-08 18:21:32

wastwater in the Lakes is one of my favourite places ever.

Agree about Snowdonia, sinmply breathtaking. We also love portmeirion.

When we drive up to Argyll the secenery is also breathtaking.

Clary Sat 05-Jan-08 16:29:49

stripeyknickers your list is a bit spooky (for me)

I live in Derbyshire, use to live in Whitby, and we go to Tenby every year on hols.

Are you me in RL then grin?

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Sat 05-Jan-08 17:27:26

Clary - we live a bit over an hour away from the Peak District and go there a lot climbing and mountain biking.

I used to live in Middlesborough so know the NE quite well.

I want to go to Tenby on holiday - haven't been there for about 8 years.

Scramble Sun 06-Jan-08 01:51:16

Nearly all of Scotland is gorgeous grin.

discoverlife Sun 06-Jan-08 02:06:49

The electric mountain in Snowdonia is a favourite of all my children. 10. 20. & 21.

The link will also get you to Snowdonia Mountain Railway, Caernavon Castle etc. etc.

There is LOADS to do in that part of Wales. Now I am Home Educating DS2 I may take a few days off again and go romp around.

discoverlife Sun 06-Jan-08 02:09:59

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