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centre parcs hoilday question

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mummynumnum Thu 27-Dec-07 18:26:31

If you have a dc over 2 do you have to have a 2 bedroom place at centre parcs. Their website seems to suggest so.

ladyhelen2 Thu 27-Dec-07 18:34:23

I would - the bedrooms are not large at all. We struggled to get one cot in and get in to bed. Am actually off there tomorrow for New Year with some mates and their kids. My DS who is 2.6 is sharing a room with another lad who is 3.5. Wish us luck!!!

mad4mybaby Thu 27-Dec-07 18:35:36

not sure.. ring them, it prob says that as you prob wouldnt put 2 year old in their cots as they are small. I wouldnt have 2 yr old in their cot. My 18 months ds went in last month and he didnt sleep great in it.

ring them, you could take your own travel cot with you if your dc is not in a bed yet as they generally are bigger

kindersurprise Thu 27-Dec-07 18:41:06

I would take the extra bedroom, the rooms tend to be on the small side and you might struggle to get a travel cot in. They normally provide cots though. (the ones on the continent anyway, I have not been to a UK one)

Btw, my top tip for Centerparcs, try the German/Belgian/Dutch ones for last minute bargains. We got a weekend for 50euros one time and recently had a week for 15euros (6 berth bungalow) If you look up the website a couple of days before you want to travel you get some great bargains.

mummynumnum Thu 27-Dec-07 18:51:09

Thanks for that.

vet50 Mon 11-Aug-08 21:29:06

does anyone else think standards have slipped (accommodation wise) at CP Longleat this year? We stayed in one of the 2 tier lodges, same one as last year, and had cockroaches in the kitchen, smelly ensuites (stale urine and sewage) + 10.5 tog duvets in July. At £1300 for 4 nights seemed a bit steep. I have complained and it has been acknowledged. Not after a refund but a bit disappointed. If not a great place activities wise and situation wise.

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