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Scoobydoobydoo Wed 07-Apr-21 12:10:40

We are looking for a May or possibly summer break in Yorkshire area.
This will be for a week. We will be driving from SE London.
We would like to cover the town of York as well as spend a few days in a cottage by the famous Yorkshire dales.
Any good tips on where we should base ourselves around would be very gratefully received.

Thanks very much!

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Idontgiveagriffindamn Wed 07-Apr-21 12:18:37

If you were to base yourself near Ripon you’d be on the edge of the Dales and about 25 miles away from York.
There are lots of lovely villages / towns around Rippn - Masham, Leyburn, Richmond, Hawes (Wensleydale creamery), Aysgarth has some lovely walks and waterfalls. My inlaws live nearby in a picturesque village called Reeth and we could spend weeks up there exploring (when they’re away grin).
If you do go into York you’ll want to do the park and ride - I wouldn’t attempt to park in the centre of York it can be challenging and massively expensive as well.
You’ve also got Harrogate and Knaeesboroigh nearby which are both lovely.

Scoobydoobydoo Thu 08-Apr-21 10:45:12

@Idontgiveagriffindamn thank you!
I will look around Ripon. Good shout on the park & ride!

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PaulaSmith1 Thu 08-Apr-21 13:58:13

We stayed in Ripon last year and it was very nice.

If you do stay there visit Studley Royal/Fountains Abbey - it is absolutely stunning.

Other recommendations - Aysgarth waterfalls, Middleham Castle, Wensleydale Cheese Experience at Hawes, Malham Tarn and Cove, Ribblehead and the National Railway Museum in York.

Shieldingending Thu 08-Apr-21 14:00:27

Harrogate area is lovely

isseys4xmastinselcats Sun 11-Apr-21 14:47:00

Whitby is worth going over to for a day , York, Hawes for the cheese, Mallam cove views to die for, Ingleton falls are spectacular especially after it has rained, set in a gorge that you walk up across the moors and back down another gorge

Trumplosttheelection Sun 11-Apr-21 14:49:32

If you can find anywhere near Boroughbridge that would put you the York side of the A1. If you don't mind a drive you could do the coast and the dales equally well plus Fountains, Harrogate etc

Boph Sun 11-Apr-21 14:51:43

Masham is lovely. Filey for seaside.
We have stayed here which is fabulous - Brompton lakes . Luxury lakeside lodges near Richmond and the Dales.
Also here on the coast

Boph Sun 11-Apr-21 14:53:29

Also York is a small city with tons to see. Just book somewhere with parking and you can walk everywhere.

RampantIvy Sun 11-Apr-21 14:54:02

Loads of good suggestions here, and ditto for the park and ride for York, or get a train. Parking in York is ridiculously expensive.

Scoobydoobydoo Tue 13-Apr-21 16:21:14

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions!
We have booked an AirBnB at Ripon.
Unfortunately left it too late to book a pretty cottage in a village location. Maybe for another time!
However the location seems pretty central so hopefully we can cover the Dales, Harrogate and York if possible.
Fingers crossed for decent weather

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MintyCedric Tue 13-Apr-21 16:32:51

I'd be inclined to do park and ride for York...we went by train and it was a bit of a palaver but we may have just been unlucky, and we were coming in from West Yorks so a longer trip.

Would definitely recommend Betty's in Harrogate, Wensleydale Creamery, and the Chocolate experience in the centre of York.

I could go on forever about Yorkshire. Had a fabulous week there in 2017 and having failed to get back for various reasons since am now booked (cottage with a hot tub) for July next year for just over two weeks, fingers crossed.

I'm already virtually counting the days!

Scoobydoobydoo Tue 13-Apr-21 16:50:30


You are well organised to book a trip for next July now.
This is where I miserably fail.
I leave it too late and everything I like is long gone. I get so stressed trying to look for holidays it is unbelievable!

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MintyCedric Tue 13-Apr-21 17:58:55

I'm timing it around the Harrogate Crime Writer's Festival so as I needed a specific date I wanted to get it early.

4 nights B & B in Harrogate then in 11 in Bronte Country...can't wait!

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