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Annasouthlondon Mon 05-Apr-21 10:55:22

Hi all,
I am going to Cornwall in June and choosing between staying for a few nights by Porth Beach or Polzeath Beach. Has anyone been to both/either and would recommend?
It will be myself, my partner and our 11 month old baby. We want a nice beach and an area with a couple of places to get meals.
Thanks smile

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Yuddiesorno Mon 05-Apr-21 22:52:00

Hi - Porth Beach is v near Newquay so maybe busier. Nice beach though - think there's a pub on the beach but not been there. Restaurants in Newquay although it's more built up and will probably be more lively!! Polzeath v popular for surfing and a handful of restaurants right next to the beach (although haven't been there for a year or so so not sure if any have closed). It's not so close to a town but not sure whether you're bothered about that. Both nice sandy beaches though but if you are staying near to the beach Polzeath probably has more eateries right next to it. Hope you have a good holiday. smile

Annasouthlondon Tue 06-Apr-21 19:57:34

Thanks so much @Yuddiesorno! It sounds like I can't go too wrong with either smile

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