Need to name my new airbnb!

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Reusername Wed 31-Mar-21 21:46:37

We have a very striking architect designed house on a country lane (in its own grounds) with a one bed basement/underbuild annexe. It is accessed along the side of our property and down a few steps. So it is partially underground. It has a private seating area/patio up a few steps and trees overhanging.The area is very picturesque and wooded. Not far from a river, viaduct and canal - but maybe too far to include them in the title. It's all brand new and v stylish inside and out. We have decided to turn it into an airbnb but I need a name for it. All suggestions most welcome smile

Ideas (mainly from the kids):
the dell
the garden room
the hollow
the hideaway
the retreat
owl quarry (we have a lot of owls and it is an old old quarry!)

you get the idea.....

Thank you x

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MrsMcTats Wed 31-Mar-21 22:00:07

The Burrow

MrsMcTats Wed 31-Mar-21 22:07:02

Maybe to sound more stylish - The Burrow at xxx

Reusername Wed 31-Mar-21 22:13:29

Ooh that sounds good.

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titchy Wed 31-Mar-21 22:14:07

Bag end? (Bilbo Baggins' house name.)

Ellmau Thu 01-Apr-21 01:09:08


Reusername Thu 01-Apr-21 07:54:20

Thank you - keep them coming!

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BruceAndNosh Thu 01-Apr-21 07:56:39


Maybe to sound more stylish - The Burrow at xxx

I like this one

Didicat Thu 01-Apr-21 08:06:10

Is there a particular type of owl seen regularly? A group of owls is called a Parliament

Badnessinthefolds Thu 01-Apr-21 08:08:02

I love owl quarry!

FlatEarthling Thu 01-Apr-21 08:50:13

Owl Quarry is excellent.

You could make a bit of a thing about owls inside, tea towels, oven gloves, just a few touches.

DH and I stayed in a place called Strawberry Cottage once, there were mugs with strawberries on, a cushion etc. Not enough to be tacky but just enough.

Reusername Thu 01-Apr-21 09:07:41

Owl hollow?

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Roszie Thu 01-Apr-21 09:09:12

Woody hollow?

The hide at x road ?

Roszie Thu 01-Apr-21 09:10:26

Wombles something (If it's underground)

Reusername Thu 01-Apr-21 09:10:34

Great suggestions.

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Reusername Thu 01-Apr-21 09:12:17

I want to get that cosy, hidden, 'get away from it all' feel. We are going to market to couples, maybe with a baby. I think it might be for romantic breaks. So also need it to sound chic and stylish.

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goldpendant Thu 01-Apr-21 09:12:46

Owl at the Burrow
Owls Keep

Reusername Thu 01-Apr-21 09:13:51

I do already have a cool scandi design owl tray in the kitchen grin

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Roszie Thu 01-Apr-21 09:15:33

The snug at x?

AdriannaP Thu 01-Apr-21 09:20:02

Not quarry that makes me think of somewhere dark. Owl Hollow is nice.
No hobbit or LOTR references, that would put me off and DH definitely too.

LouNatics Thu 01-Apr-21 09:32:09

The Owlery
The Owl’s Nest or just Owl Nest
Tawny Snug

BIWI Thu 01-Apr-21 09:33:28


Wombles something (If it's underground)

Only if it's in Wimbledon!

IstandwithJackieWeaver Thu 01-Apr-21 09:38:18

What was the name of the quarry? Maybe something including that in the name. I'm not the name is that important on Airbnb as you can mark favourites when you're browsing. Names that help pin point the location are more helpful to me.

roxisolerenshaw Thu 01-Apr-21 10:23:22


The Burrow

This is my favourite one smile

emmathedilemma Thu 01-Apr-21 11:36:59

I like The Burrow or Owl Quarry

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