Mullion - Cornwall - anyone know what the area is like?

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longshot Sat 06-Feb-21 15:03:02

I was hoping to book a cottage in Mousehole or Coverack this year (Boris willing) but have come across a lovely house with garden and hot tub which is close by to Mullion and Poldhu beach and not far from Helford River. I have never been to this area and wondered if anyone has and if they'd care to share what it's like? DC's are 9 and 6 and will enjoy beach time and some short ish walks most days. Not fussed hugely about restaurants/bars etc.

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purplebagladylovesgin Sat 06-Feb-21 15:21:57

Yes, I had a friend who lived there and I stayed a few times.

Really lovely little, out of the way village. Some beautiful beaches a short distance away.

Fond memories of when my children were the same age as yours.

And really good pasties in Heston which is the nearest town. Flambards is close and an easy day out.

I don't think it's much known so when we were there it was quiet, which I loved.

purplebagladylovesgin Sat 06-Feb-21 15:23:50

The village I stayed in was Mullion.

MrsSchadenfreude Sat 06-Feb-21 16:17:06

Loved it round there, particularly Poldhu beach. Lots of nice walks, not far from the Lizard and Kynance Cove.

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