Hotel in or outside Oxford?

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TitsOot4Xmas Mon 04-Jan-21 17:15:08

I have tickets for a show in Oxford - moved from March to August. It’s some way from where I live so going to need to book a hotel. Will be driving.

Most city centre hotels don’t have parking. Those a few miles out do. Am I better to book the city centre and be able to walk back from the show or outside the city and taxi/bus in?

Any recommendations from locals, please?

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PoulePouletteEternellement Mon 04-Jan-21 19:58:06

Do you really want to be waiting ages for transport after your show? Oxford taxis can be incredibly frustrating - I'd much rather be able to walk back from the show. Which means choosing a hotel no more than 10/15 minutes away - don't choose somewhere at the opposite end of the city.

If not for the virus I would be advising you to leave your car at home and take the train. I love Oxford but the city centre is mostly a slow moving car park ...

CaraDuneRedux Mon 04-Jan-21 20:00:15

Covid aside, central Oxford is tiny - I'd go for city centre hotel and walk every time.

rosie1959 Mon 04-Jan-21 20:05:34

We stay at Jury’s in a small village just outside Oxford
Large car park regular bus service every few minutes across the road
Nice village with a few pubs particularly picturesque one by the river featured in Midsummer murders

simonneilsbeautifulhair Mon 04-Jan-21 20:37:53

If you can afford it I'd highly recommend Malmaison in Oxford city centre. Amazing hotel in an old prison and has underground parking.

MaisyMary77 Mon 04-Jan-21 20:46:47

Cotswold Lodge Hotel, Banbury Road, is very nice. It’s a ten minute walk into the town centre-same side of town as the Oxford Playhouse and The New Theatre. There are also plenty of buses into town.

TitsOot4Xmas Mon 04-Jan-21 21:11:34

Fab. Thank you all. I’ll look those up.

It’s years since I came that way, and remember the one way system. I want to make the most if it, and if I can squeeze in a detour to Bicester on the way home all the better. grin

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TitsOot4Xmas Tue 05-Jan-21 09:24:43

Yikes. Is £250/300 per night normal in August?!

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calliealbert Tue 05-Jan-21 09:36:56

Holiday Inn Oxford. Hotel in Oxford

Gliblet Tue 05-Jan-21 09:42:29

£250-300 isn't uncommon. Try Vanbrugh House, they're a bit less £££ but still a nice central location. The Richmond isn't quite as central but still an easy walk from the centre.

No idea if it will be on offer this summer but usually the Colleges let their rooms out over summer if budget is more of an issue than luxury!

BlackPuddingEggs Tue 05-Jan-21 10:01:32

In the past I’ve left the car at a park and ride and stayed centrally at the Mercure and also stayed at Oxford Spires which has parking and walked in and out. Mainly picked on price and availability at the time. Both worked well.

Rainydays200 Sun 07-Feb-21 15:39:56

You could happily do either. I think budget may well swing it one way or the other. Buses are frequent, and if that saves you £200 then I would do it!

blue25 Sun 07-Feb-21 15:51:05

The Parsonage is lovely and has parking. Very central.

GlomOfNit Thu 11-Feb-21 23:50:06

Honestly? if you're not snobby about hotels and just need somewhere clean to sleep, I'd stay at the Travelodge beside Redbridge Park and Ride. Plenty of parking, buses into the city centre every few minutes (though check the times back after your show).

GlomOfNit Thu 11-Feb-21 23:51:17

and if you don't want to get on a bus, the walk is about 20-25 minutes from the Park and Ride to city centre.

Icequeen01 Fri 12-Feb-21 00:00:05

We stayed for a weekend at the Randolph. It's very central and does have parking but you have to make sure you book it at the same time as your reservation. The hotel is famous for the Morse bar. I quite liked the hotel although it is very old fashioned but the room we had was nice and the hotel was so convenient for everywhere.

chocolatorange Fri 12-Feb-21 00:15:17

St Margaret's Hotel or Best Western Linton Lodge. Both in the posh central North Oxford bit, have parking, and about 20 mins pleasant walk to centre, or frequent buses.

livingthegoodlife Fri 12-Feb-21 21:18:44

Oxford spires has parking. Plus you can walk in. We had a nice balcony room once. It has a pool & restaurant.

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