Favourite UK things to do/see/eat?

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Funf Thu 07-Jan-21 09:28:40

Why dont you do your own website as you go to places?http://www.donthibernate.co.uk

Personally I want to do this 24 Castles in a weekend

Egghead68 Wed 06-Jan-21 08:57:14

British Isles but not UK but the Isle of Man is a great place to visit.

sandgrown Wed 06-Jan-21 08:55:53

Favourite tourist attraction is the Tower of London. So much history. Favourite area to visit is Yorkshire as so much to see and do and so diverse. Some great Yorkshire puddings too. The islands off the west coast of Scotland are beautiful with gorgeous beaches.

calliealbert Wed 06-Jan-21 08:49:50

London’s main attractions are surprisingly walkable. You can take a funky walking tour around London, a walking tour of literary London or even a quintessential London pub crawl.

blazinglightonthehill Fri 01-Jan-21 23:04:37

I'm compiling my UK trips plan for the next year or two as I don't envisage much overseas travel.

For inspiration I'm asking if you would share your favourite UK based things to see and to eat and your favourite ticketed attractions?

I'll start. My favourite thing to;

See - The Giants Causeway was awesome and all of that coastline. I'd love to go back.

Eat - Cullen Skink (preferably sat in front of a roaring fire in a remote Scottish pub and mopped up with bread and butter!)

Attraction - Lapland UK! Awesome

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