Mini break near Milton Keynes - looking for things to do

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Namefornumber3 Sun 18-Oct-20 10:19:52

I have a 9 month old, 3 yo boy and 6 yo girl
I have booked gulivers dinosaur land and was wondering what else people would recommend?
Also any good places to eat with the kids?

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Theyweretheworstoftimes Sun 18-Oct-20 10:31:31

Here is pretty much everything you need!

Namefornumber3 Sun 18-Oct-20 12:42:11

Don’t mind paying for things as well

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Fivemoreminutes1 Sun 18-Oct-20 12:46:28

Woburn Safari Park and Lakeland Buzzard Railway.
The Galleon at Wolverton is a nice play to eat with kids.

Ukholidaysaregreat Sun 18-Oct-20 13:28:42

There is a really popular big hill near Milton Keynes where everyone flies kites. There is lots of open space and a really nice big glass cafe. Can't remember the name? That is a nice place to go and free! Bonus.

Madvixen Sun 18-Oct-20 13:31:32

Woburn safari and Whipsnade Zoo. Bletchley Park. Roald Dahl museum. Gruffalo Trail at Wendover Woods

PaxMalmKallax Fri 11-Dec-20 17:42:22

The big hill is Dunstable Downs!!

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