Romantic luxury self-catering for two?

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FizzyPink Mon 21-Sep-20 12:52:56

DP and I usually go away for a few days either before or after Christmas. We absolutely love here. but it’s fully booked so looking for some alternatives.

What we love is -

- Within 3 hours drive of SE London
- Lots of little luxuries like a giant bath, dressing gowns, a hot tub and maybe a wood burner
- Good WiFi/Smart TV so we can watch movies in bed
- Some facilities to cook breakfast/put some crusty bread and Camembert in the oven
- Walking distance to a couple of pubs

Any ideas?

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ChequerBoard Mon 21-Sep-20 14:56:19

I can recommend Windmill Lodges bear Framlingham in Suffolk. We have stayed there a few times, always well appointed accommodation and a wonderfully peaceful spot. Each Lodge is self-contained and has its own private own hot tub and there is also a woodburner you can use in the winter months.

FizzyPink Mon 21-Sep-20 16:28:25

They look great thank you! Sadly no availability for 3 nights on the dates we want but I’ll definitely keep it in mind for the future

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MandsCols Mon 21-Sep-20 19:02:10

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