Cotswolds - where to stay

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LemonTree83 Mon 14-Sep-20 14:30:06

Hi there!
I know this question has been asked before (sorry) but the threads seems to be mainly around looking for kid friendly places / activities.

DH and I are looking to go away for about 3/4 nights at end October to the Cotswolds. I'm pregnant so this will be our last trip just the two of us so want it to be really special/romantic. We really want to stay somewhere with pubs and cafes within walking distance, so nothing too remote. Not so fussed about other activities. Any recommendations on nice places to stay?

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Thesuzle Mon 14-Sep-20 14:41:28

The slaughters, ( two villages) absolutely fabulous.

LemonTree83 Mon 14-Sep-20 16:02:30

@Thesuzle - thank you! Hadn't thought to look there, will have a browse x

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SomeHalfHumanCreatureThing Mon 14-Sep-20 16:03:32

Not Burford, it's so busy with traffic.

Agree with Slaughters

Ricekrispie22 Mon 14-Sep-20 17:37:08

The Manor House in Castle Combe

Notlostjustexploring Mon 14-Sep-20 18:57:20

There is a really really lovely, if somewhat expensive, hotel called Whatley Manor, near by Tetbury, Westonbirt Arboretum etc, although a bit more remote. Lovely spa and grounds though.

Phial Mon 14-Sep-20 19:01:13

Broadway is lovely.

MyEnormousTurnip Mon 14-Sep-20 19:03:39

I’d go for Broadway. Lovely hotels, little shops, plenty of places to eat.

LemonTree83 Mon 14-Sep-20 21:10:53

Thanks everyone for all your fab recommendations. We've just booked to stay at Abbots Grange adults only hotel in Broadway. So excited! xx

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