Somewhere to take a 4 year old for her birthday

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LandMoor Sat 05-Sep-20 18:49:01

Debating taking my DD somewhere amazing for her 4th birthday torn between a theme park and stay like Draton Manor or a cottage somewhere. Any recommendations?
Thanks smile

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SummerHouse Sat 05-Sep-20 18:51:21

Where abouts are you op?

LandMoor Sat 05-Sep-20 19:13:46

@SummerHouse North west smile

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SummerHouse Sun 06-Sep-20 10:29:22

Yorkshire is great for things to do.

You could get a holiday rental (I recommend Ingrid Flute) for a few days and plan activities. So many lovely sea side places Whitby, Staithes, Robin Hoods Bay. When the tide is out in any of these places it opens up a whole new world of sea bed, rock pools etc. There's a fancy swimming pool at Scarborough with indoor and outdoor pools and splash zone which is good but expensive.

Flamingo land is excellent for a 4 yr old and you can book a holiday with them too...

Whatever you do, I hope you love it!

Ricekrispie22 Sun 06-Sep-20 11:16:47

Uppergate Farm

LandMoor Sun 06-Sep-20 12:14:10

Thank you both I'll have a look now!

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emmathedilemma Mon 07-Sep-20 10:15:17

Day trip or week away?

minipie Mon 07-Sep-20 10:28:19

My DD loved a trip to the zoo or farm park at that age. Still does in fact! I think a day out somewhere fun would be more popular than a cottage or hotel but you know your DD best.

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