Trains to Glenfinnan

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Susiesue61 Mon 17-Aug-20 14:49:33

Hi. We're in Scotland next week and thinking of getting the train from Arrochar to Glenfinnan. Both boys are big Harry Potter fans, they are 15 and 20. But it's a long trip for a day - is it worth it??

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emmathedilemma Mon 17-Aug-20 19:39:47

Are you going to go all the way on the train or drive and then pick it up at fort William? If you want to ride the steam train then check if there's even tickets available and there's only a couple of services a day so times might not tie up from Arrochar. I've not done the train ride so I don't know how much of the viaduct you can actually see from the train. You get a really good view of it a short walk from the visitors centre if you drive up but to be completely honest I wouldn't go all that way just to see it! The car park at the visitors centre also gets full well before the train is due to go over so you need to allow plenty of time (it might be better at the moment as there's fewer foreign tourists here).

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