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So does this look about right?

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walbert Mon 01-Oct-07 18:46:55

First holiday in 3 yr, since we got married and with 10m dd! Yay! 1 week in scotland in a cottage, so what do you thinkof my packing list for dd's stuff, and is there anything blindingly obvious that i've missed? I'm so excited i'm bound to f*ck up the packing for dd!!! grin :

milk cartons for feeds, sterliser, tablets, bottles, bottle brush, spoons, readybrek for brekky, bananas as back up food, nappies, wipes, babygroes for night time, gro-bag, travel cot, vest and day clothes, socks hat, coats, (highchair at cottage) pram, music bit off mobile to keeop something recognisable for dd at night, bath seat and a couple of bath toys, calpol and teething gel, cup, bibs, bottle brush and a roof rack for me to sit on!!!!

Furball Mon 01-Oct-07 18:52:55

Is their a dishwasher in the cottage? if yes then you can probably leave sterliser stuff at home if shes 10 months.

walbert Mon 01-Oct-07 20:05:54

Oooh, will check, ta! that means i save enough space to be able to put my leg in the car!!

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