Alternative to Center Parcs

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Mackers123 Sat 25-Jul-20 09:58:17

Hi all, any of you have experience to staying somewhere similar to center parcs? I know I read somewhere that there was one just as good but cheaper but for the life of me cannot remember the name of it.

I have just looked up CP and obviously you wont be able to use all of the facilities due to COVID but that doesn't seem to have brought the price down much

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ineedaholidaynow Sat 25-Jul-20 10:04:25

There is Bluestone in Wales (think Pembrokeshire) There is also The Manor House hotel in Devon. They don’t have the same swimming pool complex like Center Parcs though.

Loughrigg77 Mon 27-Jul-20 08:27:35

We stayed at a Landal park last year:

Loughrigg77 Mon 27-Jul-20 08:29:10

Sorry, pressed send too soon.

We stayed at the Scottish one. It's certainly cheaper than CP - we paid about £250 for 4 nights - but the pool is nowhere near as interesting and there are fewer activities to do

Kidssendingmenuts Mon 27-Jul-20 08:31:30

Forest holidays, we are off there today I can't wait. They have a hot tub with each lodge, no swimming pool like center parcs but they do have a few activities. We love it.

Fruitbowlflowers Mon 27-Jul-20 08:35:10

Kelling Heath In Norfolk
We love it here, it’s perfect for kids and got loads of activities to do and you’re not far from the beach.

HairyToity Mon 27-Jul-20 13:54:45


Mackers123 Mon 27-Jul-20 16:58:23

Thanks, would you recommend?

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Mackers123 Mon 27-Jul-20 16:59:59

Thanks all, sorry i didn't realise anyone had replied, ill take a look.

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