Help ! Short break/ long weekend ideas with two 16yo dd's

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Flossiefoo Thu 23-Jul-20 23:15:07

Having asked about breaks in Cornwall I think we've given up on that idea now as it's so busy ... so, looking for other options for my friend and I to take our daughters away pre GCSE results day for a treat.

We are based in Bekshire but don't want to drive more than about 3-4hrs to get somewhere really.

Ideally a nice hotel or BB in a nice area with some form of interests (COVID allowing) for the girls to chill and enjoy. Both girls ride so that could be a nice option, nice coffee shops for us mums, different shops (not high street) and a few points of interest.

Somewhere away from the main touristy areas would be ideal.
Any suggestions ?

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parietal Thu 23-Jul-20 23:16:46

we've had good glamping / farmhouse holidays in shropshire / herefordshire. Lots of nice countryside & gardens to visit, probably horse riding etc.

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