Which Butlins? Minehead or Skegness?

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Icantthinkofastupidname Thu 23-Jul-20 10:28:17


Looking for a bit of advice from anyone who has been to either Skegness or Minehead (ideally both!!) Fairly recently.

We are hoping to head to one of them for 7nights, from the 31st of this month but having trouble deciding which one to go for.

We had originally settled on Minehead, hoping that the weather had a higher chance of being better there, but looking at the long range forecast, Skegness might actually be a bit better.

We went to Skegness in Feb and loved it. But I have never been to Minehead. The in laws who we are going with have been to Minehead when they were kids themselves, so for nostalgia reasons, they are swaying towards there.

Skegness is slightly more expensive, but also significantly closer. ~3hrs vs ~5.5hrs to Minehead.

We only have the one child, aged 2.5, so any entertainment and facilities would be aimed at her and adults on an evening.

Help a mammy out with reviews on either/both please before I loose my marbles haha 😄

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TakeMeToYourLiar Thu 23-Jul-20 11:43:22

Skegness is a lot more spread out than mine head so further ti walk anywhere, which may be w consideration?

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