Anyone live on The Isle Man?

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Flipfloptanlines Wed 15-Jul-20 22:05:27

I'd love to know about it as we are considering moving there eventually.

Are you happy there? Are your children happy there? Are the school's good? How are they dealing with Covid-19? I'd love to hear it more normal than here.

What are house prices like?

Are there many jobs? I'm a teacher.

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Funf Thu 16-Jul-20 05:37:14

Got family who do the only thing they miss is proper shopping but the way the high streets going they feel it will never be like it was. They all love it and won't move. Yes housing isn't cheap and food is a little bit more, but Covid looked to be well managed and crime is very low.
Look online at prices locations etc, they all work with no issues

wannabebump Thu 16-Jul-20 06:27:28

Property and schools vary by area, do you have a location in mind that you'd want to stay? Are there towns you have visited before you prefer?

They are handling covid19 very well as they closed borders etc.

Re jobs, I'm sure there are opportunities but I believe you need to have enough support behind you when you move because there is no state help in the first X number of years from moving there.

It's a very different lifestyle from a city/busy town, gas etc is pricier, eating out prices are similar to here, the high street isn't like here etc.

Flipfloptanlines Sat 18-Jul-20 11:18:03

Thank you for your replies. Great to hear!

We aren't sure on specific areas yet. Do you know much about them? Where are the best areas and the most scenic?

We are selling our rental property so we can find ourselves when we first move

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wannabebump Sat 18-Jul-20 13:40:42

@Flipfloptanlines it depends where you want to stay, where have you visited/like the look of?

Flipfloptanlines Sun 19-Jul-20 11:05:26

Thank you. We loved Peel, and Castletown. Love the facilities at Douglas but would rather not live in it. Basically we like being fairly close to services, but not too close if that makes sense. Where we live in the UK, it's rural but actually only 15 mins from B&Q and Sainsbury's 🤣

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