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Any good places to visit near Prestatyn with two young un's?

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Rorytigger Thu 27-Sep-07 15:20:10

Off to Have Prestatyn Sands next week and wondered if anyone had any recommendations for places to visit in the surrounding area? Is it worth visiting Rhyl? Thanks

PeachesMcLean Thu 27-Sep-07 21:52:28

I was in Rhyl last week. The west end, where the fairground is, is pretty run down and I think the fairground itself has recently closed. Rhyl is going to have lots of money pumped into it over the coming years, hopefully.

Depends what you like doing though. There are nice places in the area.
Fraid I can't make any more constructive suggesetions but bumping for someone who can.
Will you have a car, for instance?

lissielou Thu 27-Sep-07 21:54:56

the seaquarium is in rhyl, ds LOVED it and once youve paid you can leave, have a wander along the pier, go for a cuppa and some chips then go back in.

fortyplus Thu 27-Sep-07 22:00:00

How old are they? When mine were about 7 & 9 they enjoyed these...

TotalChaos Thu 27-Sep-07 22:02:28

not been, but Rhyl is meant to have a really nice swimming baths, think it's called Rhyl Sun centre. Llandudno is quite nice, also has an old tram that goes up the Orme.

TotalChaos Thu 27-Sep-07 22:03:07

Oh and if weather isn't great, you could get a train or bus into Chester for decent shopping etc?

RustyBear Thu 27-Sep-07 22:08:00

We used to go to Rhyl quite often a few years ago when my SIL lived in Chester & DS & DD loved the Sun Centre - especially the surfing beach, but I seem to remember a post on here that said it had gone downhill a bit since then.But Ryl is probably worth a visit for the Sea Life place & the general slightly tacky (in an enjoyable way) seaside atmosphere.

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