How to choose a UK beach cottage?

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ewchoc Sat 20-Jun-20 08:58:46

I've always spent holidays with family abroad but as that isn't an option this year I'm looking for a UK break. With two young children I'm thinking a cottage/apartment right next to the beach would be best - we can be self sufficient for food and the beach should be enough to keep us entertained. I don't think it will matter if anything else is open.
My problem is I have no idea where to start! I've been on various websites and there are just so many to choose from I don't know how to narrow it down. My criteria are 3 nights, last 2 weeks of July, 2 bedrooms, very close to a beach, budget up to £1,000. Location could be anywhere in the South of England, or Wales could be an option.
Can anyone recommend a location/website/point me in the right direction?

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UncleShady Sat 20-Jun-20 09:07:17

Helpful Holidays have a very good site that let's you tick off stuff like parking, washing machine, dishwasher, distance from beach etc.

babyinthacorner Thu 02-Jul-20 00:16:15

Having spent the last 2 weeks looking for holidays right next to the beach, I can recommend the simply sea views website!

Splattherat Tue 07-Jul-20 15:15:38

Not your location but I can recommend Coastal Retreats in Northumberland. They aren’t cheap but they are upmarket and Northumberland is a lovely part of the world where you can explore a different lovely big beach every day and lots of castles including Bamburgh and Alnwick Castle.

chrissys45 Thu 09-Jul-20 11:34:10

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SavoyCabbage Thu 09-Jul-20 11:36:32

Are there so many to choose from? I looked for similar last week, although we have a dog so that does cut it down quite a bit and I gave up in the end.

TeeBee Thu 09-Jul-20 11:58:15

I've just booked a 10-person apartment in Croyde, right on the beach in August for just over £1k so your budget is totally doable. I got mine on AirBnB.

Papergirl1968 Thu 09-Jul-20 14:27:09

Lounge Lettings have some lovely beach front properties in mid Wales, especially in Tywyn within your budget for a week.
However I think you’d struggle making a booking for three days only in school holidays.

sarahlovescake79 Sun 12-Jul-20 11:47:00

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