Help please - teen DS cancelled birthday trip to Prague tomorrow- any suggestions for UK city break instead?

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mumto2teenagers Mon 04-May-20 19:34:59

OP was asking this prior to the lockdown

Alb1 Mon 04-May-20 19:33:51

Calm down people, the thread is nearly 2 months old hmm pre lockdown you see...

Cosyblanky Mon 04-May-20 19:32:52

There's a pandemic going on, not supposed to be traveling, nothings open.

CurlyhairedAssassin Mon 04-May-20 19:29:34

Surely you don't mean that they will still go in the UK during lockdown? While everything is closed?

Funf Thu 12-Mar-20 19:32:31


Namechange32H Wed 11-Mar-20 13:33:22

Definitely Scotland - Edinburgh, plus the more remote/beautiful areas

SurpriseSparDay Wed 11-Mar-20 13:18:35

Alternatively, for a non-city break I’d suggest Orkney. Starting from Edinburgh it’s a long and beautiful journey by car or train (assuming not flying) and should be gloriously empty of other visitors when they get there.


SurpriseSparDay Wed 11-Mar-20 13:15:07

I’d have said exactly the same as onalongsabbatical.

Though I’d be inclined to postpone to a more propitious time.

PotteringAlong Wed 11-Mar-20 07:01:10


onalongsabbatical Wed 11-Mar-20 07:00:24

I know nothing about 19 year old activities but just to kick it off if I was in Manchester going by train I'd prob go to Newcastle-on-Tyne or Edinburgh. Sure they can still have a fab time!

eleflump Wed 11-Mar-20 06:51:18

My DS has his birthday this weekend and had arranged a trip to Prague with his girlfriend.

The schools have been shut and gatherings of more than 100 people banned, and we are worried about them possibly getting stuck in quarantine and so they have decided not to go but are really disappointed.

We are in the north west - does anyone have any suggestions please for a city break in the UK with things to do that might appeal to a couple of 19 year olds? They would be travelling by train from Manchester.

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