Penlan holiday park Carmarthenshire

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ExtraFox18 Mon 17-Feb-20 20:48:11

Not sure I’ve spent it right but this holiday park looks nice but I don’t know area? Has anyone been there? I’m hoping it won’t be too busy in August and fairly car free. Taking two small children one with ASD and looming to just spend all day in the pool and running around safely. Any experiences please?

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ExtraFox18 Tue 18-Feb-20 07:21:50


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HairyToity Tue 18-Feb-20 19:20:22

Beautiful area, as long as you have a car you will have a great time.

ExtraFox18 Wed 19-Feb-20 19:55:40

Thanks HairyToity- does suburb lnow the Penhlan Holiday Park itself?

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ExtraFox18 Mon 24-Feb-20 16:39:22

Has no one visited this holiday village?

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