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Butterfly44 Sun 16-Feb-20 22:05:51

Thinking of booking a Butlins family holiday. I see they do dining packages. Is it worth booking these? Also wonder if after booking they email to tempt people to book with a discount as some package holidays do...in which case it may be worth waiting and not rushing. Every little helps!

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Paperyfish Sun 16-Feb-20 22:10:23

They really push the dining packages. We didn’t go for one and the chalets aren’t really that set up for self catering tbh. I mean, there’s an oven and hob...but everything is very minimal. E.g. no cheese grater, only one blunt kitchen knife, no dish you can put in oven, no egg cups, etc. Literally one bowl, plate cup and set of cutlery each! And we were in a gold chalet! Take your own kitchen stuff if you want to cook. The food we had out though was nice enough.

stardust40 Sun 16-Feb-20 22:21:56

We've always enjoyed the dining plans especially good when they do the kids eat free offer. We like that we then don't spend too much when we are there as food is taken care of!

CalleighDoodle Sun 16-Feb-20 22:24:56

I got a good deal two years ago half board and havent gone back to Self catering. My children loved the buffets. As a vegetarian i was irritated by it most days, but im fussy and dont eat pastry.

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