Forest of Dean area. Big group

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Taytotots Sun 19-Jan-20 13:08:01

Looking for somewhere to stay with a large group (8 adults, 2 7 year old kids and a baby. We will also have two dogs). We were thinking Forest of Dean but open to recommendations in south wales, north devon, welsh/english borders etc. We've looked at the forest holidays - which look good but quite pricey. We like to be near outdoor activities. I liked the idea of a farm stay but not coming up with much (and might be hard with the dogs). Don't think we will persuade grandparents to camp. Any suggestions?

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sleepismysuperpower1 Sun 19-Jan-20 16:09:26

what about this airbnb? they allow dogs

Taytotots Sun 19-Jan-20 23:33:45

Oh that looks good sleepismysuperpower. Although now looks like others are going for south-west Scotland........

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