Lovely Devon/Cornwall cottage anyone?

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serialgrannie Fri 17-Jan-20 12:23:41

Long-time lurking grandma here. Our son and dil have suggested we all go away together in the first week of the Easter hols. Looking for self-catering accommodation in the south-west. Eldest grandson is away with school so it would be four adults and one DGS (10). Does anyone have any suggestions for a really nice self-catering cottage or similar in Devon or Cornwall. Lots we have found are of course already booked. We need 3 bedrooms, rural surroundings, nice views, and good area for walking/places to visit. Son insists pub must be in walking distance! Anything like a hot tub would be a bonus. Hope someone can help.

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mummymeister Sat 18-Jan-20 15:09:33

there are lots of facebook groups springing up called things like "devon and cornwall cottages" cornwall cottages from owners, cornwall cottages direct. you post on there what you are looking for and then people that have this. I would say that we have used some of them before and the more specific the things you are looking for the less replies you get! pubs in walking distance dont really go with rural and nice walks because many village pubs in cornwall like elsewhere have disappeared. the pubs tend to be in towns so i would ditch the requirements and just post on the groups that you want a 3 bedroom cottage for easter and see what comes up. we have in the past stayed HERE they seem to have spaces for Easter but you would need to check. lovely rural cottages with farm animals and childrens games barn which was great when my dc were younger.

Funf Sun 19-Jan-20 09:27:50

We stayed here a couple of years ago it was fantastic, we had the whole house for six of us

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