Centre Parcs winter wonderland

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Captaindobbin Mon 23-Dec-19 14:08:27

Has anyone been to centre parcs between Christmas and new year (not actually Christmas or New Years itself though)
I’m wondering how festive it was? The website states winter wonderland until 3 January and implies all the fake snow and decorations and festive activities are still on but when we’ve rung up they’ve said the seasonal activities have finished and decorations have started coming down!!
Just hoping for some experiences from anyone who has been over this time?

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Ricekrispie22 Mon 23-Dec-19 17:48:18

We went in 2016 and arrived on the 30th December. The decoration for the park was amazing, beautifully decorated with fake snow and a lot of lights and very Christmassy! Real reindeers and lovely Christmas displays.

Captaindobbin Mon 23-Dec-19 18:09:23

Thank you. I’m hoping this is the case. I’ll be gutted if they’ve started taking the decorations down.

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Captaindobbin Mon 23-Dec-19 22:03:11


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theweebleshavelanded Tue 24-Dec-19 10:46:10

eh! we are at eleveden RIGHT NOW (new woodland villa) . its all here!!!

fabulous. any questions ask away! bit blown away by the front entrance yesterday. its pretty with the lights when its dark!! pools not so busy as summer (and lovely and warm). xmas day swim yayyyy

theweebleshavelanded Tue 24-Dec-19 10:48:40

no real reindeer (thank moaners....) so mechanical singing ones lol.
our first time doing centerparcs at xmas (done every season bar winter). loving it!

oh in the sports bar its BOGOF on bacon butties. so 1 coffee, 1 pot of tea for 1, 2 bacon sanwiches =£11 something. I think before 10am?

theweebleshavelanded Tue 24-Dec-19 10:51:45

on queuing for gate house yesterday staff very on it to get us "in" by car. plus chocolates! and after aqua jets this morning! (kinnerton so totally nut free). i see the new woodland villas have wreaths on the doors and on arrival a xmas card and pretty frame on the table as a present.

Captaindobbin Tue 24-Dec-19 14:02:44

Thank you so much. How long are you there till? Let me know if everything is gone by Boxing Day 😂

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Toomuchgoingon Tue 24-Dec-19 14:10:35

Have been at CP both Xmas and New Year and they keep the decorations up

theweebleshavelanded Tue 24-Dec-19 16:44:10

till friday 27th

Lippy1234 Thu 26-Dec-19 12:06:45

I’ve been for actual Christmas twice and the few days after and it’s beautiful.

lurkingattheback Thu 26-Dec-19 19:55:34

I'm here now and have been in New Year when most decorations are still up. They have the fireworks mid week still I think.

theweebleshavelanded Thu 26-Dec-19 20:08:07

the fireworks were over the lake (elveden) at 6pm. really good!!! decorations are still up.....i was surprised at the opening times of the pool. xmas eve 10-8 (i think), xmas day 10-7, today 10-8

WifOfBif Thu 26-Dec-19 20:10:51

We go every year, it’s brilliant!

theweebleshavelanded Thu 26-Dec-19 20:11:43

we always take wild bird seed (from wilko`s) and a couple of fat ball in cocnut shells from wilko`s for around the patio. had lots of birds, ducks, squirrels (they like crisps and our biscuits!), deer.

just over an hour away at horsey the seals are on the beach as its pupping season. or go to winterton on sea and walk towards horsey. nice cafe, loos and carpark.

Captaindobbin Thu 26-Dec-19 20:40:53

Thank you all. Can’t wait to book now smile

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