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LONDON-Any hotel recommendations to accommodate 2 adults & 2 children that's fairly inexpensive

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Fimbo Wed 22-Aug-07 09:51:25

Have tried Travelodge - nothing suitable. I also need some way of accommodating the children in seperate beds like the travelodge set up really. Help!

KTeePee Wed 22-Aug-07 09:52:22

The hotel at County Hall is supposed to be ok - don't know how expensive though

alycat Wed 22-Aug-07 09:53:37

There is a Premier Travel Inn, says has rooms from £99, just behing the Aquarium - depends which part of Lond you want to be in?

alycat Wed 22-Aug-07 09:55:42

The Marriott is also at County Hall (thank you KTP couldn't remember the name of the building), but rooms there start at £230 for a double - as booked one this week for Ds' hosp stay, didn't know about the Premier Travel Inn next door.

KTeePee Wed 22-Aug-07 09:59:36

I presume you tried the Travelodge at Covent Garden?

Fimbo Wed 22-Aug-07 10:05:39

Thank you. Travel Inn has what I am looking for. Thank you all again

Fimbo Wed 22-Aug-07 10:06:21

Yep tried Covent Garden, could only find a room for 2.

nailpolish Wed 22-Aug-07 10:06:49



Fimbo Wed 22-Aug-07 10:08:09

No, I am like Cod - an enigma! Meet-ups scare me tbh. Although I may make an exception for a Scottish one! <<<quivers>>

nailpolish Wed 22-Aug-07 10:10:54

<SERIOUS FACE and hands on hips>
oh fimbo please go
the scottish ones are more scary waaaaaaay more scary. even i dont go

nailpolish Wed 22-Aug-07 10:11:13

cos is going to xmas meet up

nailpolish Wed 22-Aug-07 10:11:26

COD is going
not cos

Fimbo Wed 22-Aug-07 10:15:32

Cod is down as No 14 but its a wind-up she's not going.

My dh would think I was nuts going to meet a bunch of women from the internet.

nailpolish Wed 22-Aug-07 10:17:31


oliveoil Wed 22-Aug-07 10:18:36

are you going naily?

I am thinking about it

nailpolish Wed 22-Aug-07 10:21:31

i really really want to go
cd and beety keep prodding me
its quite far though, and expensive
i think it would be such a hoot and ill do anything for a laugh

go on olive!

oliveoil Wed 22-Aug-07 10:22:39

it would be v expensive and dh would think I was barking

but yes, would be good laugh I think


nailpolish Wed 22-Aug-07 10:25:03

ive had a quick scan of flights for me and i found a couple at £75 (from edinburgh) so thats not too bad i thought
am more worried about hte cost of accomodation tbh
i have the green light to meet strangers off the internet as dh has started playing golf wiht wierdos off his golfing forum

although i havent told him about london yet

nailpolish Wed 22-Aug-07 10:25:38

im sure i could get cheaper flights thatn that ?

ska Wed 22-Aug-07 10:26:34

we sued travellodge at county hal;l and got an online discount through one of those hotel booking places. also heard that the one at kings cross/euston road is good and cheaper

oliveoil Wed 22-Aug-07 10:26:36

I will go if Cod goes


this will mean I will not go <<<cunning get out clause>>

nailpolish Wed 22-Aug-07 10:27:09

olive dont be a chicken

Fimbo Wed 22-Aug-07 10:28:27

I will think about it seriously Naily. I could get the last train back (I think). I would even have room for you to stay with me, its just dh and how to explain it all.

oliveoil Wed 22-Aug-07 10:28:32


(that's a chicken noise btw)

off to do some work now


lapsedrunner Thu 23-Aug-07 20:03:23

I stayed here Aug with my sister amd my Ds so we asked for a twin room with an extra bed for DS. What we got was much better than expected in that it was a decent size twin room with a large double sofa bed. Children could use the twins and you & DH the sofa bed. Summer rate was GBP125 per night B&B & added bonus of being right by the Natural History Museum (for DS dinosaur fix).

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